For Utility Detection Contact Util-Locate: Professional Utility Locators in Orange County

Just relying on old blueprints or someone’s memory is a sure way to have an incident involving utility lines and services. Blueprints only show how a project was supposed to be laid out, but rarely do they show the actual as-built finished project. By hiring a company that specializes in utility detection services such as Util-Locate, even the most amateur DIY worker can know for certain that utility lines have been properly marked. Utility detection should always be one of the first tasks completed while planning a project. By knowing that information, planners can avoid unnecessary expenses and delays.

Utility Detection Service: More Than Just a Good Idea

Any seasoned contractor will tell you that hiring a qualified utility detection service is an essential step before digging into the ground. By having buried utilities properly marked and identified, workers can operate equipment safely and minimize the amount of hand-shoveling needed to complete a project. Having a utility detection service also reduces the likelihood of cutting into a power line, gas pipe or other utility. Utility detection service companies such as Util-Locate provide complete and accurate diagrams identifying utilities by type, location and depth. With accuracy rates as high as 97 percent, workers can be assured of a safe work environment.

Getting Started with a Construction Project? Call our underground utility detectors before excavating. Dial 866-421-5325 to discuss the specifics and ask your questions.

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