Vacuum Excavation VS. Traditional Excavation Techniques

Contents1 Backhoes2 Hand Tools3 Vacuum Excavation4 Which Method is Right for You? If you are planning a home improvement project that involves digging into the ground, you’ll need to start by having all underground utility lines found. Even small projects like adding landscaping or installing a new mailbox require the use of a potholing company. These …

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Utility Potholing & Vacuum Excavation for Your Underground Work

Contents1 Keeping It Simple2 Safety First3 The Right Team The value of precision in any construction project is hard to overstate. If the technology age has taught us anything, it is the value of miniaturization, precise tolerances, and optimizing the process of building a solid foundation for future improvement. The high-tech environment comes with its …

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Vacuum Excavation: Achieve Less Surface Damage

Contents1 What is Potholing?2 Time Savings3 Practical Efficiency Surveying a construction site is not only a necessity; it is an accepted and recommended practice for several reasons. Among the most urgent is the safety of the construction workers, along with the integrity of the structure and works built at the location. Also high on the …

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How the Murrieta Explosion Could Have Been Avoided

Contents1 What is Utility Potholing?2 Why Pothole?3 Why vacuum excavation?4 Plan before you dig!   Southern California was recently devastated when a ruptured gas line led to an explosion. The explosion killed a Southern California Gas Company worker, and fifteen people were injured. The reason behind the Murietta explosion was a contractor who was working …

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Potholing Utilities for Damage Prevention & Effective Subsurface Investigation


Contents1 Preventing Damage2 Surgery for Construction Contractors3 The Alternative The practical considerations involved in starting or continuing a construction project without first ascertaining what obstacles might be hidden under the ground can be substantial. While there are technologies available to perform searches for utility lines, water or sewer pipes and other underground structures, there exists …

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Why Utility Potholing Is Essential for A Successful Construction Project


Contents1 Safe Zones2 Scheduling and Costs3 Physics It’s long been said that if humans could see all that is under the ocean, they’d never leave the shore. The same is true of nearly any developed property, whether you are starting a new structure, repairing a building or adding to an existing site. You’re going to …

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