Certified Accurate Underground Utility Locating Services in Southern California

It may seem simple to locate utility lines. Anyone with a hobby store purchased metal detector can locate a utility line . . . or can he? In reality, many utility lines are buried deeper than the average metal detector can sense. However, with the state of the art equipment of such companies as Util-Locate, locating underground utilities can be done with complete accuracy. In fact, by hiring a professional underground utilities locator, service lines and cables can be located up to 13+ feet deep and with 97 percent accuracy. Try doing that with a hobby store metal detector!

California Underground Utility Locating Services

California is among the many states that requires contractors and homeowners to have utilities marked by a professional locating service. One of the best California underground utility locating services is Util-Locate. This company specializes in locating all types of possible buried utilities such as water and gas pipes and electrical, telephone, fiber optical cable, cable television wires. Not only is it a law that one hires a company certified for California underground utility locating services, but it will also prevent personal injury as well as damage to local utility services. See more about line locator.

Hire a Professional Underground Utility Locating Company

No matter what type of experience you have, before you dig into the landscape, make certain that you aren’t in danger of cutting into a buried utility line. By hiring an underground utility locating company, workers can avoid accidentally cutting into buried power lines, cables, gas lines and other utilities. Underground utility locating is something best left to the professional. Companies such as Util-Locate can provide the location of utilities as well as the depth estimates of the utility service. With accuracy as high as 97 percent, Util-Locate technicians can locate utilities buried as deep as 13+ feet underground. Avoid the costs of replacing cut cables or the danger of causing an explosion by hitting a natural gas line a hire a professional underground utility locating company any time before you dig.

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