How to Accurately Locate Sewer Lines

How to Accurately Locate Sewer Lines

When homeowners take the initiative of digging into the ground, they might end up damaging the buried sewer lines. This can lead to a costly expedition that can be avoided by contracting a reputable private utility locating company.

Our company has vast experience in this field, and we are currently ranked the bestĀ private utility locating firm in Southern California. We have worked with several clients who have expressed satisfaction in our private locator services.

Why You Need a Private Locator Services

We are a reliable utility locator company that offers a variety of services regardless of the scope of the project.

The most common misconception is that sewer lines appear just a few inches below from the edge of sight. This is however not true and can lead to permanent damage on other public utility lines that lie below the line of sight. That is why you need a reputable company to help in accurately locating sewer lines.

At Util-Locate, we offer a 97% accuracy level that allows us to identify the exact location of the sewer lines.

How We Locate the Sewer Lines

Our technicians are highly skilled and have worked in the utility locating industry for quite a while. They know the basics surrounding sewer lines prospectus. Their vast knowledge is essential in helping them to accurately identify the sewer lines and fix them if they are damaged.

The technicians useĀ electromagnetic sensors and GPR technology to send a signal that penetrates to the exact location of the buried sewer lines. The signals bounce back to the electronic devices that calculate the depth and the position of the sewer lines automatically. The technicians then interpret the signals accurately and start the process of digging down to the exact location of the sewer lines.

When to contact us

Most people make the mistake of contacting utility companies when they have already started digging or doing an excavation. This is not advisable as it might be too late and expensive because damage may have been already done onto the sewer lines.

Make an effort and call us for the sewer line prospectus job before you start the actual designing or digging process. This will save you the cost that would be incurred after damaging the buried sewer lines.

Our services will prevent your business from such situations and multiple lawsuits that may arise due to the disruption of a community’s sewer line system.

At Util-Locate, we understand the hustle that our clients go through while trying to locate a sewer line before beginning a construction process. We also know the risks that may come along with an inaccurate prospectus. That is why we have we offer the best underground utilities locating services that are beneficial to our clients.

Our team is dedicated to satisfying the needs and will stop at nothing than their approval. We have a track record that speaks for itself because we have been consistent in service delivery and we are not stopping anytime soon.

Kindly contact us at 1 (866) 638-1075 for more information regarding our underground utility locating services.