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Whether you want to expand your property, install sprinklers, or plant a tree you will need a competent and diligent underground utility locating service that will ensure that you don’t hit the gas main. We are the #1 Utility locating service and underground utility locator of choice for all Industry professionals & residents in Los Angeles, San Diego, Imperial, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Kern, Riverside, Orange, Ventura County and all major Southern California cities.

Our specialties include:

Underground Utility LocatingPotholing & Vacuum Excavation



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About Us

Util-Locate is a private professional Company founded in 2001 providing business professionals with a wide range of quality services using state of the art equipment. Util-Locate use its vast knowledge, latest equipment and experience to prove why they continue to be industry leaders and top choice for DAMAGE PREVENTION. We have been providing, Underground Utility Locating, Mapping, CCTV, & Ground Penetrating Radar services for over 15 years building long lasting relationships.

Util-Locate is an industry leader and the top choice for utility locating. For over 10 years, we've been providing damage prevention through our quality services and state of the art equipment. We use high power vacuum excavation technology for safe excavation projects.

Utility potholing is an efficient and accurate method for locating underground utilities. Util-Locate uses a hydro vacuum excavator to dig holes at strategic locations on your construction site. These holes are then used to visually confirm the location of any utility lines.

Other underground utility locator tools and methods, such as backhoes or manual digging, cannot anticipate exactly where the utility lines are located. This can result in a utility strike, which is expensive and time-consuming to repair and can negatively affect the local community.

To ensure your construction site stays safe and utilities are located accurately and quickly, utility potholing is the best option available.

In addition to being the most accurate form of utility locating, vacuum excavation offers many other great advantages over other forms of utility excavation:

Reduced Risk of Injury

Using a backhoe or manual labor is extremely strenuous work and can lead to injuries. With utility potholing, the highly trained professional team can carry out the necessary work quickly and with only minimal risk of injury. This reduced risk of harm to your crew is a huge benefit to vacuum excavation.

Prevents Utility Strikes

Utility potholing avoids the risk of a utility strike. When a utility line is struck, it can cause more than just damage to the underground infrastructure of your construction site. The damage can result in power or other services being shut off for the surrounding community.

This will result in a substantial fine for affecting the community as well as the expensive repairs needed to fix the utility line. Not only will you be affected financially, but repairs can take a long time and affect project deadlines.

Less Surface Damage

Hydro vacuum excavation only causes minimal surface damage, which makes it easier for the site to return to its previous state. You can also continue other construction jobs while vacuum excavation is taking place. This makes it a very convenient option for construction sites that are working on tight deadlines.

These are only a few of the advantages of choosing vacuum excavation. Due to its precision and convenience, utility potholing has quickly become one of the most popular modern construction methods.

Vacuum excavation is a very safe form of utility locating. However, there are still a few precautions and safety measures that should be followed to keep your construction site as safe as possible, for your works as well as members of the public.

Before any utility potholing can take place, there must be thorough planning at every stage. This might mean contacting a third party for further information on underground utility lines or cabling. Providing our team with as much information as you can makes the excavation process easier and faster and further reduces any chance of damage. 

It is also always recommended to hire a team that is trained and experienced in hydro excavation. Utility potholing requires a high level of skill so to avoid any mistakes or injuries, it should always be handled by a qualified professional.

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Always pleased with their level of professionalism. We get more than we expect because they’re great at what they do.

Vaughn Boykin Jr

Kaiser Permanente National Facilities

Their work is exceptional and light years above anything I’ve seen - It’s impressive!

Tom Kruse

PJHM Architects

This team of trained pros, put 4 years of Great work at the Rose Bowl. We were very impressed with their duediligence on this large project.

Robert Ross

KAR Construction