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Util-Locate is a private professional Company founded in 2001 providing business professionals with a wide range of quality services using state of the art equipment. Util-Locate use its vast knowledge, latest equipment and experience to prove why they continue to be industry leaders and top choice for DAMAGE PREVENTION. We have been providing, Underground Utility Locating, Mapping, CCTV, & Ground Penetrating Radar services for over 10 years building long lasting relationships.

Util-Locate have been providing solutions to all professionals on some the most challenging jobs throughout Southern California & all concerned with diligence and performance. Our clients include consulting engineers, soil engineers, architects, Geo environmental, surveyors, civil engineering, building contractors, property developers, managers, lawyers, building materials manufacturers, suppliers, government and public authorities. It is the aim of the practice always to provide clients with a reliable, cost effective service that is geared to fulfilling client requirements with efficiency, courtesy, accuracy and value, while achieving the highest technical standards making us their number one choice.