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Are you planning to excavate a building site? If you’re digging on a building site for a new construction project or a renovation, it’s extremely important that you’re aware of the location of underground gas lines that could pose a safety risk to your project.

We specialize in gas pipe locations on building sites in Santa Ana. As one of California’s most trusted utility location companies, we can help you ensure your construction or renovation project is completed safely without digging risks.

Our Santa Ana Gas Pipe Location Services

Are you aware of the location of gas lines on your property? Many properties, both in Southern California and elsewhere in the country, have gas lines installed deep in the ground that are beyond the range of standard metal detectors.

These gas lines post a significant safety risk if you’re excavating a site. They’re also extremely expensive and difficult to repair in the event that they’re severed during construction, making it important that you’re aware of their location.

We specialize in Santa Ana gas pipe locations to ensure your team is aware of potential digging hazards. Our team has provided gas line location help to hundreds of builders, engineers and environmental firms in Southern California.

Are you planning to dig on a project site? Before you start working, let our expert team assess your site for risks, ranging from gas lines to the locations of electrical lines, plumbing and other potential excavation hazards.

Our Gas Line Location Equipment

Many gas lines are installed deep beneath the ground, making it necessary to use the latest detection equipment to locate them. Our team uses the highest quality ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology to efficiently locate underground utilities.

Our GPR technology has strong accuracy and the ability to locate both manmade and potentially hazardous materials deep beneath the ground. We can locate traceable gas lines, electrical lines, gas mains and other utilities below the surface.

Do you need comprehensive Santa Ana gas line locator and underground utility detection? In addition to searching for underground gas pipes, we can perform a full survey of your site to detect other hazards, ranging from plumbing and sewage systems to fiber-optic cabling.

Our Gas Line Location Areas

Although we’re located in Orange County, we offer gas line location and pipe locator services for many areas in Southern California. Our team can travel to any Southern California county to survey your building site and detect potential digging hazards.

Some of our service areas include Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, Ventura, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Kern and Imperial County. We also offer a gas pipe location service for customers in the San Diego area.

We’ve been operating since 2001 and have a stellar reputation, working with a wide range of construction firms and engineers in California. Whether you’re right here in Orange County or in San Diego, we can provide fast, efficient and accurate service.

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Do you need expert assistance locating gas lines underneath your property? We’re one of the most experienced Santa Ana utility locating companies, and we’re here to help you create a safe, risk-free construction environment.

We can quickly and efficiently locate gas lines and other construction risks that are installed on your property. Contact us now to talk to a member of our team about your project and learn more about how we can help you.

Orange County Sewer Pipe Locator : Locating Sewer Lines Made Easier

Are you a homeowner trying to add a new bedroom and bath? If yes, one of the tasks you would face would be locating sewer pipes. Sewer lines, may it be public or private, are often hard to find since they’re almost invisible. Sewer pipes are buried underground and you may have to dig your entire yard to find them. Having a hard time locating your sewer line? Take the guesswork out of locating where your sewers and drains are by calling our team of utility locators. Conveniently located in Buena Park in northwestern Orange County, our team of utility locators is ready to accurately detect sewer pipes and other underground utilities™ location.

State-Of-the-Art Sewer Pipes Locating Equipments

Whether you are looking for drainage lines, supply lines or various service lines buried beneath the surface of the ground, Util-Locate has the equipment and staff to handle the assignment. Some forms of pipe locating equipment do not work as well on sewer lines. Sewer pipe locators use specialized equipment that can be used for pipe locating of non-metallic sewer lines at depths up to 13 feet from the surface. See more potholing utilities in dallas.

Are you a Contractor? Call us before you excavate!

Are you a project manager or an excavation crew? Util-Locate’s All-Around Utility Locators Also Offer Utility Mapping and Sewer Pipe Locating Services for Southern California Contractors. Call Util-Locate technicians to locate and mark underground utilities such as sewer pipes. Doing so prior to an excavation will help reduce the risk of accidentally running into private utilities, such as sewer pipes.

With a reliability rate of 97 percent, sewer pipe locators such as Util-Locate are able to provide a complete and dependable mapping service that allows contractors to plan projects efficiently and at a lower cost. Without the benefits of a pipe locating service, these contractors would have higher costs due to extensive hand digging around suspected sewer line locations. There are a number of underground utilities that often go unmarked and striking them can mean trouble at your end.

So know what’s below before you excavate. Call our sewer pipe locators at 866-421-5325 today!
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The Leading Southern California Private Utility Locating Company


Any time that a contractor, or even a home owner, needs to dig into the ground, they run the risk of hitting utility pipes and wires. Not only can this be costly if they lines are accidentally cut or damaged, it can also prove to be extremely dangerous. Gas lines can explode, and electrical power lines can cause fires or electrocution. While water may not be as dangerous, a sudden release of water could cause trenches to collapse, trapping workers beneath the surface. A utility locator service visits the site before work begins and locates the exact placement and depth of each type of utility on the property. With this information, workers can safely and confidently go about their business. Companies such as Private Utility Locating Company – Util-Locate provides such a utility locator service, using state of the art technology to provide accurate utility location and depth of utility lines.

Why Use a Utility Locator?

IntegrityAny time you are preparing to dig, be certain to contact a reliable utility locator. Such services are necessary before doing any kind of digging, regardless of how small the project. Utility lines are not always where they appear to be through line of sight, so using the expertise of a utility locator or underground utility locator is essential. By hiring a professional, not only you will be able to conduct locating underground utilities or locating buried utilities, but also you will be capable to work on locating how deep they are buried. With a company such as Util-Locate, you have 97 percent accuracy for utility lines as deep as 13 feet. This information allows you to proceed with your project with the confidence that you will not interfere with buried utilities.

How Do Utility Locate Technicians Determine the Location of Buried Utilities?

The utility locate technicians use a variety of electromagnetic sensors and GPR that is able to non-invasively penetrate the surface of the earth, up to a depth of 13+ feet. The signals produced by the equipment to locate the pipes and wires, allowing the technicians to create a map or diagram of the location and depth of each utility present. Although rarely needed, the utility locate technician can always return to a work site to verify any questionable findings made as construction progresses. Read more about sewer locator

When Should You Contact Utility Locating Companies?

The best time to contact a utility locating companies that provide utility locator or underground utility locator services is long before you begin to dig or design. Depending on the scope of the project, it is often essential to know exact locations and depths of utility lines during the early planning stages. Knowing this information will allow for proper placement of structures, foundations, post support, trees and other project items. Sometime utilities will need to be relocated. Utility locating companies will help project planners determine where those lines need to be moved to so that they will no longer pose a problem for workers and machine operators.

What Are The Benefits of Utility Locating Services?

IMG_9668By hiring a professional utility locating service, you gain the assurance that you will be provided the most accurate information available without having to disturb existing landscaping. By using state of the art electromagnetic locator and GPR equipment, Util-Locate and other utility locating companies can easily find buried lines, giving exact location and depth. Older technology required technicians to make several exploratory holes in order to determine the depth of the buried lines.

Equipment used by Utility Locator Companies

Unlike simple hand-held detectors, the electromagnetic pipe and cable locator equipment used by professional utility locator companies allows their technicians to adjust to various line and cable conditions, as well as for unexpected soil conditions. It also provides up to 97% accuracy and depth readings up to 13+ feet. Utility locator companies such as Util-Locate are making use of state-of-the-art detection equipment, providing the best utility locating services in the industry today.

Who is the Best Utility Locate Services in California?

If you’re looking for the best utility locate services California has to offer, than look no further than Util-Locate. Our professional utility locate technicians make use of state of the art technology that is the best available in the industry. Be certain to contact us with any of your utility line detection needs!

For Utility Detection Contact Util-Locate: Professional Utility Locators in Orange County

Just relying on old blueprints or someone’s memory is a sure way to have an incident involving utility lines and services. Blueprints only show how a project was supposed to be laid out, but rarely do they show the actual as-built finished project. By hiring a company that specializes in utility detection services such as Util-Locate, even the most amateur DIY worker can know for certain that utility lines have been properly marked. Utility detection should always be one of the first tasks completed while planning a project. By knowing that information, planners can avoid unnecessary expenses and delays.

Utility Detection Service: More Than Just a Good Idea

Any seasoned contractor will tell you that hiring a qualified utility detection service is an essential step before digging into the ground. By having buried utilities properly marked and identified, workers can operate equipment safely and minimize the amount of hand-shoveling needed to complete a project. Having a utility detection service also reduces the likelihood of cutting into a power line, gas pipe or other utility. Utility detection service companies such as Util-Locate provide complete and accurate diagrams identifying utilities by type, location and depth. With accuracy rates as high as 97 percent, workers can be assured of a safe work environment.

Getting Started with a Construction Project? Call our underground utility detectors before excavating. Dial 866-421-5325 to discuss the specifics and ask your questions.

Certified Accurate Underground Utility Locating Services in Southern California

It may seem simple to locate utility lines. Anyone with a hobby store purchased metal detector can locate a utility line . . . or can he? In reality, many utility lines are buried deeper than the average metal detector can sense. However, with the state of the art equipment of such companies as Util-Locate, locating underground utilities can be done with complete accuracy. In fact, by hiring a professional underground utilities locator, service lines and cables can be located up to 13+ feet deep and with 97 percent accuracy. Try doing that with a hobby store metal detector!

California Underground Utility Locating Services

California is among the many states that requires contractors and homeowners to have utilities marked by a professional locating service. One of the best California underground utility locating services is Util-Locate. This company specializes in locating all types of possible buried utilities such as water and gas pipes and electrical, telephone, fiber optical cable, cable television wires. Not only is it a law that one hires a company certified for California underground utility locating services, but it will also prevent personal injury as well as damage to local utility services. See more about line locator.

Hire a Professional Underground Utility Locating Company

No matter what type of experience you have, before you dig into the landscape, make certain that you aren’t in danger of cutting into a buried utility line. By hiring an underground utility locating company, workers can avoid accidentally cutting into buried power lines, cables, gas lines and other utilities. Underground utility locating is something best left to the professional. Companies such as Util-Locate can provide the location of utilities as well as the depth estimates of the utility service. With accuracy as high as 97 percent, Util-Locate technicians can locate utilities buried as deep as 13+ feet underground. Avoid the costs of replacing cut cables or the danger of causing an explosion by hitting a natural gas line a hire a professional underground utility locating company any time before you dig.

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Hire Southern California’s No. 1 Underground Utility Locating Company

Seasoned project managers always build time into their schedules and money into their production budget for hiring the services of underground pipe locators. The companies that provide such services, along with those who are also underground wire locators, help to keep the long-term costs of a project in check. Without the services of professional underground pipe locators such as Util-Locate, construction and landscape workers run the risk of cutting into gas pipes, water lines, electrical lines, and other utility services. Not only is there unnecessary expense involved, but also a risk of injury to workers and equipment.

Util-Locate: Underground Pipe Locators and Underground Cable Locators

Before you dig, make certain that you have contracted with professional underground utility locator. By doing this first, you can avoid extra expenses and delays in construction schedules.

Cam InspectionBefore you dig, make certain that you have contracted with professional underground utility locators. By doing this first, you can avoid extra expenses and delays in construction schedules. By hiring an underground pipe locator, you avoid accidentally cutting into water, gas and other dangerous utility lines that are hidden beneath the surface of your project site’s landscape. Such companies as Util-Locate provide such services, which include finding both the location of the buried pipe, but also of the depth of that pipe. Risking hitting such pipes when operating heavy equipment or other construction activities can be both dangerous and costly. Likewise, by gaining the expert service of underground cable locators, construction crews can operate safely with the knowledge that they will not be cutting into power lines, telephone, cable or other wire-related services. Read more about sewer line locator service.

Locating Underground Power Lines: An Important Step in Preventing Worker Injury

Let’s face it, no one wants to have to explain the injury of an employee or innocent bystander. Yet, this event happens each year when project teams miss an important step while preparing to begin a new project: locating underground power lines. It is a simple and reasonable part of the planning process to hire a company who is well versed in locating underground power lines. By gaining the services of companies such as Util-Locate, contractors or even homeowners can work with a degree of certainty that they will be safer from accidental injuries of potential dangers.