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What information do I need to send in order to obtain a quote?
  • Your contact details including a name, phone number & email.
  • Address of location.
  • Type of service you are requesting.
  • Estimated linear or square feet.
  •  Number of proposed area/s.
  • Type of work you will be doing onsite.
  • Type of facility: Commercial, Residential, Industrial etc.
  • Provide as much general information and description necessary. Items like As builts, plot & site plans, Google maps, aerial pics, old maps, photos and details of any unusual features or a drawing marking the area/s where proposed work is requested.

Nobody can honestly give 100% guarantee that they will locate every single “unknown line”. Many sites have gone through several construction projects and have old abandoned lines, cables, pipes underground that nobody knows about and may never be uncovered until excavation occurs. Locating is subject to many variables across all types of sites: soil conditions, influence of other services etc.

We do guarantee to use all our experience and the latest equipment to provide the very best Locating Service Available.

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