3 Important Tips in Choosing The Best Utility Locator

Excavation Location

Before beginning any project – construction, excavation or demolition –  it is recommended to perform utility locating on the site. This is the initial step that has to be executed if you are planning a project that requires excavating.

Hiring professionals to map water pipes, sewer lines, drainage pipes, electrical lines, and internet cables will lead to speeding up the project. You no longer have to dig carefully, slowly or get interrupted. Utility locating ensures safety and will eliminate repair costs hence saving on time and money. These are some of the reasons why utility locating services are required before any project.

Here are some important factors to consider prior to choosing a Utility Locator.

Go for an experienced, licensed professional

When contracting a utility locator, make sure you choose a company that has been in the industry for many years and has the relevant experience and knowledge. An experienced utility locator will provide a comprehensive view of the project’s site by locating, identifying and marking all underground utilities and structures. Also, consider a utility locating company that has handled many different types of projects both large and small.

Working with such a utility locator implies he has a good reputation and can provide references especially on high profile jobs. Do a background check to learn more about the company you are considering to hire. Furthermore, the customer reviews will reveal the experience of real customers in the hands of the utility contractor. Moreover, you will discover any complaints leveled against him and the status of his license, i.e. valid, expired or revoked.

Choose Util-Locate for your utility locating requirements. We are in business for almost 20 years. Our team of professionals are skilled and proficient in finding power lines to garages and exterior structures, electrical cable for lighting, drainage pipes for gardens and gutters, sprinkler lines and invisible fencing, gas lines for grills and fire pits.

Equipment and Technology

Choose a company that uses the most advanced technology and locating techniques to ensure superior quality, accuracy and reliability. As technology is advancing day by day, each utility company is endeavoring to acquire sophisticated electronic equipment and adopting technology-aided utility locating techniques. This equipment helps to interpret the signals easily and offer the most detailed underground mapping solutions, helping you locate the utility lines as they are. The scope of such underground mapping can range from a building construction site to the whole city and even identify utility lines running under highways and buildings.

Thus, make sure that you select a utility location company with advanced tools and methodologies to help you in your development projects. Read more about pipe locator service.


The third factor to be taken into consideration is the reliability of the utility locating company. Look for a company that has a broad reach and are capable of delivering services to nearly any location. Such  company is better positioned to tackle any of your project’s site because they are located locally.

If you’re looking for professional utility locating services, go for Util Locate, where you are guaranteed of the most accurate information without having to disturb existing landscaping.