Leader In Gas Pipe Locations for Safe Excavation


Beneath the streets and yards in today’s urban neighborhoods there lies a complicated maze of underground utility lines. This includes water, sewer, electric, communication and even gas lines. It is critical to identify these potential threats before beginning any commercial or residential digging project. Identifying gas pipes before digging can save your project time, money from costly fines and damages to lines. Identifying gas lines before excavating can also potentially save lives. Util-Locate is a leader among gas pipe locators and will help to ensure a safe and successful project. We provide private utility line locating, CCTV, Pipe Inspection camera and mapping services for pre-excavation and design specifications.

In the past, companies would have to dig multiple times in efforts to identify the position of gas pipes; which meant countless wasted hours and unnecessary destruction of property. Util-Locate are gas pipe locators that use state of the art technology to help you avoid potential problems before they arise.

A Gas Pipe Locating Service is Essential for Determining Gas Pipe Location

With Util-Locate’s Electromagnetic Line locating equipment, the process of locating involves diligence and a measure of competence. Advanced equipment allows us to have a consistent three-dimensional reading showing gas pipe locations. The ability to identify gas pipe location is critical for the creation of underground utility infrastructure design build plans for buried gas lines. We will also clearly mark all lines for identification to insure you are aware of the circumstances before you begin your project.

Experienced Gas Pipe Locating Technicians

With well over a decade of experience in the utility locating services, we strive to provide our clients with the knowledge to avoid potential hazards and damage to structures before excavation, ensuring safe and successful projects.

If you have a new construction project which is about to get underway, you can save yourself from a considerable amount of stress and worry simply by contacting Util-Locate at 1-866-421-5325

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