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UTIL-LOCATE provides mapping and underground utility line locating services according to design built specifications and after excavation. Our clients depend on us to keep the community safe by locating sensitive utility lines that form their infrastructure. Besides our true diligence in line locating, our services also include (GPR) Ground Penetrating Radar for all non-conductive lines as part of our commitment to excellence. Read more about locating services.

We cater to a wide clientele like General Contractors, Government Departments, School Districts, Private facility owners and even residential property owners who want to know how the infrastructure under their property is laid out especially if they want to cut costs before installing or uprooting any structure.

Our state of the art Electromagnetic (EM) equipment allows us to locate cables and metallic pipes through the right frequencies that are necessary for a survey. The wide range of frequencies at our disposal indicate hidden pipe or cable connections underground which in turn also helps site technicians adjust according to any unforeseen soil conditions.

Buried Line Locator Equipment

Our state of the art equipment specifies a 93% to 97% measure of accuracy which allows us to maintain a hand dig tolerance of 28 inches on either side of the utility lines. In addition our equipment also provides us with a continuous view of depth estimates. This helps contractors get an idea that can be applied for their design build information and soft excavation purposes.

Direct Connection

UTIL-LOCATE uses the best techniques in order to locate underground lines electromagnetically. Utilizing these techniques allow our technicians to use a variety of options for locating specific lines as well as other utilities. Some of them are as follows:

  • The transmitter’s power output and frequency is adjusted according to the type of line that is being located taking into account the state of the surrounding soil as well as other utility lines.
  • The electromagnetic transmitter is placed next to an access point like a wall, vault or any structure where contact with the utility line can be made.
  • The transmitter’s frequency is made to match the frequency of the receiver. The signal sent through the utility line is tracked on the surface.

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