Orange County’s Utility Locating Company Providing The Good Choice of Utility Locating Services

Whether you’re an amateur contractor or a seasoned professional, it is still a wise choice to contact a competent underground Utility Locating Service before you start projects involved in digging into the ground. Companies who capable of locating not only the location of pipes and other utility lines, but also the depth of the pipes.

By knowing the depth of the pipes located at the construction site, project planners can determine in advance if the location of a line will cause increased costs and delays in the project schedule. We are able to provide this underground pipe location service without damaging the existing landscaping.

, Orange County’s Utility Locating Company Providing The Good Choice of Utility Locating Services

Underground digging is a difficult and very cumbersome task that needs lots of precision and accuracy. It can also be very risky due to the utility pipes that are available underground. It may also result into the leakage and even breakage of the underground utility pipes. Therefore, it is recommended to take the services of a private utility locating company. In every country, there are uncountable private utility detection services providers available that can help you with their efficient and cost-effective services.

If you are looking for the best utility detection services, you can definitely find the one that offers the most efficient utility detection services at most competitive rates. With the use of state of the art techniques and tools, they can easily locate your underground utility pipes. Moreover, they can also utility maps that can help your engineers and constructors to carry out the reconstruction process accurately and safely. These maps can also be further added to the construction plans to avoid any hassle. See underground locating services near me.

Investing in Utility Locating Service Providers

While some contractors might try to skimp on project costs, nothing can set back a construction schedule and budget as quickly as cutting an unmarked utility line. By not hiring the services of an underground utilities locator service, contractors run the risk not only of delays in schedules, but also fines and potential injury to workers and by-standers.

Generally, utility locator companies utilize most popular technologies like acoustic location, ground penetrating radar, infrared imaging, and electromagnetic. Among all, ground penetrating radar is the most effective and commonly used tool for the location of underground pipes. Some serious skill is needed to intercept the data through the ground penetrating radar.

Another technology that is very common is acoustic location. This technology is widely used for the detection of leaks in plastic pipes. This cannot be used for any other type of pipe. Now, if we talk about the infrared imaging technique then it is not widely used due to its inaccuracy. Electromagnetic line location is also a highly innovative and amazing technique that can be successfully used for the wide variety of underground pipes. So, by the use of these simple technologies a utility detection services provider can easily locate the underground utility pipes.


In most locations, having utility lines marked before a project begins is the law – those who violate those laws can be faced with heavy fines, even if utility lines are never in immediate danger of being damage. Hiring a company like Util-Locate will provide such service that will prevent all of these unnecessary problems and expenses.

Util-Locate: Professional Underground Utility Locating Service Providers

Finding the location of buried utilities is important to anyone who plans on digging into unknown landscape. Hiring professional services is a prudent decision before actually beginning the digging project. The cost is relatively inexpensive compared to the costs of replacing damaged lines or utility services hidden beneath the surface of the ground.

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