9 Misconceptions About Underground Utility Locating

Trusted Utility Locating Services

Underground utilities, also known as subsurface utilities, are infrastructures found underground to provide services to people. They are most commonly built by public utility companies but are also installed as private utilities by property owners. Such public utilities come in the form of pipes and cables that transport lots of things, from water to your …

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Utility Potholing for Small Projects: Better Safe Than Sorry

why utility potholing is essential

Thanks to modern excavating tools and methods, i.e., air and hydro vacuuming excavation, utility potholing became the new and safer strategy prior to the start of home and other construction projects. Digging used to be the standard when checking underground utility lines and performing directional drilling work, but it had many disadvantages. It is prone …

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Why You Should Still Call a Utility Locator When Revisiting a Project

Utility Locating

Underground utility locatingĀ is an extremely important and necessary step for any construction project. Excavations that do not safely locate utilities run the risk of a utility strike, which can result in serious damage and disruption to the local area. Indeed, professional utility locating services can mean the difference between a safe construction site, or a …

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When Should You Call a Private Utility Locator

Util Locate Van at Job Site

When Should You Call a Private Utility Locator If you are a contractor or a homeowner who needs to dig into the ground, you would need to locate underground utilities before you can start excavation. The primary inclination is to have a public utility locator to do the job. But most of the time, you …

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Major Headache: Expenses Involved in a Utility Strike

Util Locate Van and Truck

  There are a lot of costs tied up in any construction project, no matter the size. If you are managing or running a construction site, you already know how multi-layered the budget sheet can get, and often there is not much room for unplanned expenses. One of the most expensive accidents that can occur …

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Why Utility Potholing is the ONLY Non-Invasive Excavation Method

Why Utility Potholing is no-invasive-excavation-method

  When you are at the helm of a construction project, there is a lot of pressure to keep to time constraints and strict budgets. One part of many construction projects that results in unforeseen delays and costs is work dealing with utility lines. Things can go wrong quickly when utilities are not excavated in …

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