​4 Benefits of a Private Utility Locator

, ​4 Benefits of a Private Utility Locator

Property owners must follow their state’s regulations when it comes to maintaining underground utility lines. To prevent interference with those belonging to others, they may require the aid of private utility locating services.

Mapping technology and the expertise of skilled technicians can be utilized to achieve this.

This method helps developers and owners easily manage utility records, as well as prevent potential damage to both public and private utility lines from new foundations, posts or structures.

The focus of this post will be exploring the advantages of utilizing private utility locating companies, including:

1. Trained and Certified Utility Location Technicians

The specialized tools used in locating the position and depth of underground utility lines need to be operated by skilled and trained technicians.

The same goes for the data they generate—which need to be collected, assessed, and analyzed by licensed eyes.

Certified utility line personnel can also discern significant data from what could be a piece of plastic or metal buried underneath.

2. Sophisticated Potholing Utilities

Private utility locators use high-technology scanning tools to identify the exact location of utility lines in an area.

Gone are the days when utility locating services used manual utility maps and did a lot of guesswork. In modern times, they use equipment such as:

  • Electromagnetic equipment
  • Electronic or radio frequency (RF) pipe and cable locating tools
  • CCTV-guided mapping tools
  • Ground-penetrating radar (GPR)

GPR tools are the most common and advanced. They can detect electric, water, gas, oil, communications, and drainage lines without the need to break ground.

3. Reduced Utility Line Locating Time and Cost

Often, private owners deploy excavating professionals to locate utility lines. While they are experts in digging the ground, they often are not equipped to map out unseen lines.

This may result in having to dig before knowing the actual positions and may cause damages along the way.

4. Protection for Underground Utility Lines

Property developers and owners need to maintain their respective utility lines as part of the law. And the only way to properly do so is to know where they are located under the ground.

Private potholing utilities can obtain an overall view of the placements and connections of buried lines—regardless of whether they are part of the current construction or renovation project or not. 

This information can serve as an FYI for any future real estate change that will be made.

Risk of Not Calling for Private Utility Location Service

Private utility locating is crucial to:

  • Reduce the risk of existing utility line damage
  • Prevent injury to personnel who will be exposed to water, electrical, and gas pipes
  • Avoid expensive repairs that happen when blind digging

Call Util-Locate!

Private utility line locating ensures the safety of workers and prevents costly damages to underground lines. This is a project that should not be DIY-ed.

Instead, you should let the experts get the job done. Util-Locate serves clients in Southern California. We use the combination of licensed expertise and high-tech ground mapping tools to generate accurate data.

Our potholing portfolio includes universities, schools, military bases, theme parks, correctional facilities, stadiums, shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, telecoms, and water companies.

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