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    Located in Southern California, Santa Ana is the second most populous city in Orange County and the second largest metro in the United States. It houses the county government as well as corporate and regional headquarters of numerous companies.

    With total land area of 27.3 square miles, Santa Ana is situated in flat, coastal plains with slight land elevation. As a fully developed city, it has several diverse districts. The downtown area is a well-known for its retail and several historic homes.

    Facilities and infrastructure are very important to support new business development in Santa Ana, CA. In addition, community safety is the city’s top priority so the government requires residents and businesses to obtain the necessary permits if they have any plan for building projects.

    Santa Ana Underground Utility Locating Services

    Not many people know that professional locating services are among the first people you need to approach if you plan do any large-scale renovation. You need to hire the experts to find out if there are any utility wires or pipes under the ground if you plan to excavate.

    These professional locating companies look for things like electrical conduits or post-tension cables to avoid hitting them during the excavation. The reason for this is if you accidently hit these pipes and wires, you end up spending lots of time and money on repair expenses.

    With the help of professional pipe and cable locating services, you are assured that no pipes or even sewage lines get damaged during any installation. This is very necessary as most of the utilities like gas pipes, telephone lines, sewage systems and lots more are located underground.

    Util-Locate is a private utility locating company in Santa Ana, CA. We locate the presence of both metallic and non-metallic objects underground. Not only wires and pipes, we can also locate the roots of trees that may be lying underground, piercing and blocking sewage systems or hampering any construction work.

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