4 Reasons to Get a CCTV Drain Inspection

, 4 Reasons to Get a CCTV Drain Inspection

Why guess what is happening in your drains when you can actually verify it? Technology has equipped us with tools that make any investigative procedure easier. One such tech is Closed Circuit Television Video, otherwise known as CCTV.

CCTV has made 24/7 surveillance possible without needing to station a person to watch.

Over time, CCTV has become more accessible to public use; it’s also been assimilated into many other functions, one of which is drain inspection. Keep reading below to find out why drain inspection professionals rely on CCTV to get the job done. 

What is a CCTV Sewer Inspection?

Simply put, CCTV cameras are used to inspect sewer pipes and drainage systems. This inspection method allows professionals to view the insides of a pipe without having to dig it up and pulling it apart to see what is causing a clog.

As a result, CCTV cameras have made the previously tedious task of figuring out why pipes are clogged or damaged much easier, less invasive, and way more accurate.

How Does a CCTV Pipe Inspection Work?

Similar to a sewer inspection, this type of pipe inspection works by using a CCTV camera to project a real time image of what is happening inside a pipe. 

The camera is attached to a reel which is inserted into the opening of a pipe; from there, it then captures what is happening inside the pipe and allows sewage inspectors to take the appropriate action to solve the problem.

Why Should You Get a CCTV Sewer Inspection? 

CCTV Video technology has forever changed sewage inspection. It has sped up the time needed for renovations while still keeping costs low.

As the technology becomes more refined, CCTV inspections are likely to become more accessible and popular for day-to-day use.


Unlike other types of sewage or pipe inspections where sewage inspectors have to dig up pipes and drains and take them apart to identify a problem, CCTV inspections take a lot less time.

And because CCTV cameras have become more abundant in the market, sewage inspectors don’t need to charge a lot of money just to use such technology. This makes CCTV inspections affordable to anyone who needs to avail of sewage or drainage inspection services. 

Environmentally Friendly

CCTV inspection is non-invasive. The method of inserting a reel with a CCTV camera does not require any excavation procedure, which can cause harm to the environment.

Moreover, CCTV sewage inspections only use minimal energy. These inspections use electricity for a short time to fuel the camera. In turn, having the necessary footage allows plumbing and repair companies to power drills and other equipment as needed, therefore conserving energy on their end.

Quick and Accurate 

Having a clogged pipe or drain is already inconvenient. But having to plan your schedule around calling repair services, addressing the problem, and the like creates a process that is even more time-consuming.

CCTV Technology reduces investigation time significantly. Once the Utility Mapping process is completed, inspectors can easily identify what the problem is so that a solution can be provided and you can go back to your life as soon as possible.

When Should I Get a CCTV Inspection?

As blocked drains can easily disrupt our lives, CCTV inspection provides an affordable and quick solution to an everyday problem.

CCTV technology is not only useful for identifying clogs and leaks in pipes and drains. This technology also helps you map a drainage system, especially if it is underground or hidden within walls.

By working with a registered utility location provider, one can learn the layout of a piping or drainage system. This involves identifying a start and an end, as well as finding where nozzles are, what structures look like, and what instruments the pipes support. Once a layout is built, only then can new drainage or pipes be installed.

To that end, below are some instances of when such drain inspections are useful: 

Maintaining Commercial Properties

Inspecting pipes and drains is not only needed when there’s a clog or a leak. Routine checks in properties, especially in larger facilities like factories and public utilities, is incredibly important to ensure that they are working efficiently and will not cause any inconvenience.

CCTV inspection of property pipes makes routine inspections much easier to conduct. This encourages more frequent inspection, which can significantly decrease occurrence of leaks and clogs. For property owners, being able to see what’s inside your drain can help you assess any issues and contact the relevant repair services as needed. 

Renovating Buildings

One of the reasons people hire pipe and drain inspectors is due to renovations. One of the most important elements of a property is a functional drainage system. As people renovate their homes, inspecting how efficiently their drainage systems function is a priority that cannot be overlooked.

Repairing Storm Drains

Rains are a common part of the California climate, but sometimes storm drains get clogged up. Because the run-off from these sewers go into bodies of water such as lakes or streams, it is imperative that the water remain as unpolluted as possible.

Routine checks of storm drains are necessary in order to keep them in top shape. A property with a fully functioning drainage system is worth more than one with broken pipes.

Of course, plumbing repair services need to ensure that they’re not causing even more damage to storm drains when they go into repair them—and this is where CCTV utility location comes in.

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