3 Problems Professional Potholing Services Prevent

, 3 Problems Professional Potholing Services Prevent

Construction workers are putting their lives in danger, according to a new study released today by the Energy Networks Association (ENA), as nearly a third or 31% fail to check for subterranean electricity wires when digging on site. These are the main reasons why utilizing ground penetrating radar is crucial for alleviating risks on the job site.

Since 2015, an average of 70 people have been critically injured each year as a result of coming into touch with subterranean power lines. Nearly half of all instances, which is 47%, occurred on public highways, construction sites, or industrial structures, putting tradesmen at significant risk of serious injury at work.

When asked if they always dig safely, 93% of construction workers and industry professionals said they do, but nearly a third or 31% said they don’t always check for subterranean electricity wires before starting work.

You’ll need professional potholing services to avoid the problems listed below.

Excavation Accidents

Excavating without causing potholes can lead to disaster in most circumstances. One of the most common issues with excavation projects is the unintended damage to utilities due to a lack of knowledge about their position and depth.

Utility lines can overlap and pass through any location underground because there are so many utility providers around. Not to add, fluctuations in temperature and soil density may cause subterranean utilities to shift location over time.

It’s like going into combat blind if you don’t do any potholing before you start digging. You could run into a utility line at any time. Without the use of the ground-penetrating radar, you may cause damage to public property as well as power outages, floods, water interruptions, and fires, depending on the type of utility you destroy and the severity of the damage.

Unexpected Expenses

Getting hurt while accidentally destroying power wires will result in a mountain of medical bills and costly repairs, all of which will add to your expenses.

Though performing potholing before an excavation project may appear to be an extra step, consider it a cost-effective method for preventing inadvertent damage and reducing work dangers. As a result, potholing will save money on future repairs and medical fees.

Legal Problems

When you destroy utility lines and harm people, you’ll not only pay additional costs, but you’ll also run afoul of the law. Everyone is forbidden from operating motorized equipment within 18 inches to 30 inches of marked utilities, according to state laws.

You’ll be excavating blindly if you don’t pothole and use ground-penetrating radar, you’ll run the chance of exceeding the tolerance zone. Potholing with vacuum excavation, on the other hand, helps you comply with this law.

Let Us Handle Your Ground Penetrating Radar Job

To avoid the concerns listed above, it’s a good idea to label any utilities in the region and use ground-penetrating radar before commencing any excavation job.

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