Professional Excavation Advice in Exposing Buried Utilities


Great care should always be taken when attempting to expose buried utilities. There are a number of dangers that can be hazardous to workers underground, with electrical cabling having the potential to kill. They can often look very similar to other piping, meaning workers can unknowingly make contact with the live cabling and sustain serious …

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Potholing Utilities for a Cost Efficient and Safer Excavation


Potholing for utilities is a method that construction site workers can use to obtain a wealth of visual information regarding piping and other subsurface construction. Utility potholing has increasing importance in the construction industry, as a method that can help to make excavation safer and more cost effective to do. In the past, it was …

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What You Need to Know About Potholing for Utilities

When working in the utility industry, it is highly likely that you will be tasked with potholing. This method of gathering visual information is an economical, time-saving initiative that involves the digging of a small hole in the ground. Utility potholing is done to ensure that existing infrastructure underground will not interfere with new infrastructure …

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Why Potholing is Highly Recommended for Construction Projects


Construction contractors can use potholing to safely control potential problems while searching for underground utility main lines, such as for natural gas or cable television, without causing a severe inconvenience in the local area. The loose soil from the test hole can be quickly and easily removed with vacuum excavation to then provide an open …

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Knowing What’s Buried Underneath Before Excavation

Before beginning an excavation project, it is essential to know the underground utilities found within that region. This will help you avoid circumstances that will slow or stall your projects such as court orders due to interference with underground utilities. This is why you need to hire qualified private locator services to help you identify …

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How to Accurately Locate Sewer Lines

When homeowners take the initiative of digging into the ground, they might end up damaging the buried sewer lines. This can lead to a costly expedition that can be avoided by contracting a reputable private utility locating company. Our company has vast experience in this field, and we are currently ranked the best private utility locating …

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