How to Decide Between Hydro and Air Excavation

When it comes to locating underground utility lines, there is no doubt that vacuum excavation is the best method available. Not only is it efficient, it is also safer and cost-effective – making it an all-around great choice for any construction project.  There are two forms of vacuum excavation: hydro and air excavation. These forms …

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5 Things to Expect from Professional Vacuum Excavation

hydro vacuum excavation

When managing a construction site, there’s a good chance that you will need to locate underground utility lines. A big decision to make is which construction method to use to locate these lines. From backhoes to utility potholing, there are a lot of utility locating services out there.  By far, the most precise method is …

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Save More in 2020 with Vacuum Excavation

utility excavation

Whether you are in the middle of a construction project or just about to embark on one, one of your main concerns is likely keeping to a strict budget. Construction projects big and small can be expensive and time-consuming, but by utilizing the newest and most reputable technologies, you can end up saving a lot …

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Vacuum Excavation Service for a Precise Trenching

Compared with most excavation methods used on construction sites, vacuum excavation is still a fairly new tool used for easy utility potholing and accurate excavation. Instead of manual tools or unwieldy equipment, vacuum excavators use a hydro or air jet to gently blow pressurized water or air into the ground to clear away earth. This …

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Avoid Excavation Hazards and Utility Strikes, Call the Potholing Experts

It is well known that construction sites are inherently dangerous and there are a lot of risks that go along with excavating earth. Although it is tempting to choose the cheapest or least time-consuming option to get the job done, such choices can lead to expensive disasters down the line. Utility potholing uses vacuum excavation …

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Never Just Dig Holes Again! Let the Pros Pothole Your Utilities 

utility potholing

When you are planning to carry out excavation work for a construction project, utility potholing is an absolute necessity. If you aren’t already familiar with utility potholing, it’s a construction method that allows a crew to investigate underground and find any potential water or sewer lines. Professional utility potholing companies have specialized equipment that isn’t …

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