How to Prevent Damage to Underground Utilities

, How to Prevent Damage to Underground Utilities

There are so many industrial activities taking place on land. Such actions increase the possibilities of damaging underground utilities, especially if those operations involve drilling or excavation. As a result, most power lines, telephone cables, gas lines among others are damaged. Damages to these underground connections can result in dire consequences: disrupting critical public services, increase downtime due to repairs and replacements, and catastrophic accidents or death.

As such, when you need to dig, it is essential that you hire utility locating services with experience, knowledgeable personnel, and top-notch equipment such as using advanced ground penetration radar technology in their ground utility surveillance work.

Below is a list of useful tips of alleviating damage to underground pipes and wires.

Call Before Digging

The Federal Communications Commission issued a toll-free number 811 as a Call-Before-You-Dig contact in the U.S. for locating underground public utility lines.

For locating private utility lines, call our committed representatives. They will listen to the details of your project and relay the word to our field technicians who have the technological know-how and equipment to provide utility locating services. Util-Locate company Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology to precisely determine the depth of any in-ground wire and cables with over 97% accuracy.

Nonetheless, it is important to mention that utility markings of underground connections are only done on areas of utility easements, but not on private property. Therefore, any intrusive or drilling activities around a private landholding are not subject to public locating services.

Contact a private utility locating firm such as the Util-Locate company that uses the latest technology to provide precise information about the position and depth of utility lines.

Implementation of Better Working Practices

Several countries have created regulatory policies to govern underground locations to ensure utility damage prevention and maintain safe working conditions. Such policies detail the need to have an excavation plan, reliable utility locating services, and maintaining safety during excavations.

Improving working practices means that these companies need to utilize the latest technology to detect locations of buried pipes and cables. Purchase user-friendly equipment that features updated technological components. The machine must be highly accurate and sensitive, proof against external interference from power lines, multi-frequency Ground Penetration Radar equipment and emphasizing to employees the importance of proper working practices.

Planning of Safe and Efficient Excavation

Safe on sight excavation is a necessary ingredient for all construction works. Accurate information provided before commencing digging or any other civil operation is an essential contribution to safe excavation. Spiking an underground power cable or fracturing a gas pipeline can cause severe property damage and loss of lives from executions or explosions. Knowing their underground presence and exact position help avoid any possibility of property destruction and loss of lives. Using state-of-the-art Ground Penetrating Radar technology reduces unnecessary costs and major inconveniences while enhancing efficient working and site safety.

Protecting and Maintaining Infrastructure

Our company is the most trusted in underground utility damage prevention. Util-Locate company prides in providing a full suite of utility compliance and underground damage prevention throughout Southern California. Our mission is to deliver high quality, safe, efficient, and innovative solutions that safeguard our clients’ infrastructure and critical assets.

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