4 Reasons Why You Should Call in a Professional Private Underground Utility Locating Service

, 4 Reasons Why You Should Call in a Professional Private Underground Utility Locating Service

The success of any construction or renovation project lies in proper planning. Utility locating is a crucial part of project planning. With the help of public utility companies, project planners and property owners can avoid damaging underground utilities during projects involving excavation or demolition.

What is the Role of an Underground Utility Locating Service?

Using state-of-the-art technology, a private utility locator can locate underground public utility lines. This is a crucial process as it ensures that the ground is safe to excavate before the project ensues.

Multiple issues can arise from damaging public utility lines, such as water, electricity, and gas. Aside from delaying the project, damaging utility lines can result in hefty fines and even fatal accidents. So before you embark on any project, consulting a public utility locator like Util-Locate can help you avoid these worst-case scenarios.

Let’s look at the four reasons you should call an underground utility locating service.

1. It Reduces Risk and Saves You Money

Some project managers see hiring an underground utility locator as an unnecessary expense. However, skipping this crucial step can cost you more in the long run. If any underground utility lines are damaged during the excavation project, this could cause additional unforeseen costs.

When a pipe or line is destroyed, it is often more challenging to repair. In the case of water and gas pipes and electrical lines, these could cause explosions that can harm the workers in the vicinity. Similarly, water lines and septic systems can burst and cause sinkholes to form. These damages can sometimes be catastrophic for the surrounding area and cost a fortune to fix.

By calling in a professional underground utility locator, you run a lower risk of damaging underground lines. 

2. It Ensures Workers’ Safety

On a more important note, the safety of anyone working on the site is paramount. During ongoing projects, managers and contractors should ensure the safety and health of the workers. Legal ramifications could occur from any injury that may happen on-site, and in order to avoid this, the correct procedures should be followed.

Most accidents can occur if the excavators or workers are unaware of the location of utility pipes and lines. If a water line is struck, not only can it burst, but depending on the depth of the site, it can cause a cave-in and submerge the workers in a layer of sand and dirt.

With a gas line, the danger is extremely serious. Since gas lines are very sensitive, drilling through the pipe or damaging it could cause a spark that could cause an explosion. If the explosion does not occur, there is still the added risk of a gas leak which is detrimental to the worker’s health as well as the surrounding area.

3. It Provides Accurate Mapping

Using state-of-the-art technology, an underground utility locator is able to accurately pinpoint and locate any utility lines or pipes that may be underground and buried. The sensors pick up pipes up to a depth of 13 feet with an accuracy of 97%.

These are all important factors during utility mapping because the higher the accuracy, the better and easier it is to work on the site without risk of damage or injury. If an underground utility locator suspects that something may have been missed during the inspection, which is quite rare, they often go back to the site to ensure the integrity of the findings.

This provides you and the diggers with the confidence needed to undertake an intense project without the added pressure of damaging utility lines.

4. It Prevents Service Interruptions

When you damage or destroy a utility line, depending on what line it is, you could cause a serious inconvenience to the schools, medical facilities, apartment complexes, or surrounding neighborhoods due in the area.

These lines and pipes could include sewer lines, sprinkler systems, home water pipes, and propane lines. Accidentally damaging these lines will not only cause inconvenience to the surrounding areas but also cause delays to the project as a whole. 

Work With a Reliable Underground Utility Locator

To avoid costly damages, hire a private locator you can count on. As proven through testimonies from our previous clients, Util-Locate is an industry leader in underground public and private utility locations.

With years of experience and utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our experts provide accurate utility mapping for any project. With our expertise and precise results, you can rest assured knowing that your utility mapping project is in good hands.

For the best utility detection services in California, get in touch with Util-Locate today!