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ground penetrating radarUTIL-LOCATE provides mapping and underground utility line locating services according to design built specifications and after excavation. Our clients depend on us to keep the community safe by locating sensitive utility lines that form their infrastructure. Besides our true dilligence in line locating, our services also include (GPR) Ground Penetrating Radar for all non-conductive lines as part of our commitment to excellence.

We cater to a wide clientele like General Contractors, Government Departments, School Districts, Private facility owners and even … Read More

Pipe and Cable Locator Services: More Than Just Pipe Locating

Regardless of your needs, having a reliable pipe locating service is critical to a successful project. Util-Locate is a leader in the pipe and cable locating industry. Our pipe locating and underground pipe detection technicians use state-of-the art technology which not only gives a horizontal plane location of pipes and cables, but also provides a comprehensive map showing both location and depth. So if your project involves pipe and cable locating, we have a complete pipe locating equipment, so contact … Read More

Leaders In Identification of
Gas Pipe Locations for Safe Excavation


Beneath the streets and yards in today’s urban neighborhoods there lies a complicated maze of underground utility lines. This includes water, sewer, electric, communication and even gas lines. It is critical to identify these potential threats before beginning any commercial or residential digging project. Identifying gas pipes before digging can save your project time, money from costly fines and damages to lines. Identifying gas lines before excavating can also potentially save lives. Util-Locate is a leader among gas pipe Read More

Southern California’s Most Diligent Utility Locating and GPR Surveying Service Provider

ground penetrating radar systemsThe web of underground utilities that we rely on grows a bit larger every few years. This makes it difficult and dangerous for those who work in the excavation business. Private home owners, excavators and engineers looking to install structures or add to their homes also have to ensure that the utility lines running under their properties aren’t damaged during the digging process.

With UTIL-LOCATE’s GPR service on the job, we can help minimize worry when cutting through any telephone, … Read More

Comprehensive Southern California Utility Marking Surveys


Util-Locate provides Subsurface Utility-line Mapping services to our clients including field-mapping and providing Computer Aided Drawing in PDF format for future use.

After we field-locate and identify the utility lines, we then field-map the locations by physically measuring off-sets from buildings and or landmarks and noting the utilities by drawing-in the locations on a site-plan.

ExperienceWe can take it one-step further by providing you with a Computer Aided Drawing or AutoCAD to be implemented on an existing site-drawing … Read More