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    Los Angeles' Orange County is home to some of the most affluent and densely populated communities in the city. In addition, it hosts one of the country's largest and underappreciated high-tech businesses.

    Developed as a result of postwar expansions of aerospace and shipping industries in the 1930s, the region became one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world due to its proximity to beaches, skiing, and world-famous attractions such as Disneyland.

    The Leading Orange County Utility Locating Company

    When a contractor or homeowner digs into the earth, they risk colliding with utility pipelines and wires. Not only may this be costly if lines are cut or damaged accidentally, but it can also be exceedingly dangerous. Gas lines have the potential to explode, and electrical power lines can cause fires or electrocution.

    While water is not as threatening as fire, an unexpected release of water might cause trenches to collapse and bury people beneath the surface. Right before the start of work, a utility locator examines the site and precisely locates the location and depth of each type of utility on the property. Workers may conduct business securely and confidently with this information. A Private Utility Locating and Mapping Service Provider — Util-Locate is a utility locator service that leverages cutting-edge technology to locate and map utility lines accurately.

    Utility Locators: Why Do You Need Them?

    When preparing to dig, always contact a reputable utility locator. Such services are required prior to beginning any type of digging, regardless of the size of the project. Because utility lines are not always where they appear from a line of sight, it is critical to utilize the expertise of a utility locator or underground utility locator. By hiring a professional, you will not only be able to locate underground utilities or buried utilities, but you'll also know the depth to which they are buried. You can expect 97% accuracy when working with a company like Util-Locate to pinpoint utility lines as deep as 13 feet. This information enables you to proceed with your project confidently, knowing that no buried utilities will be harmed.

    How Do Utility Locate Technicians Track Buried Utilities?

    Utility locate experts employ a range of electromagnetic sensors and GPR to dig the earth's surface non-invasively to a depth of 13+ feet. The equipment's signals identify the pipes and wires, allowing workers to construct a map or diagram depicting the position and depth of each utility.

    Although it is rarely necessary, the utility locate expert can always return to a work site to check any discrepancies discovered during construction.

    When Should You Hire a Utility Locating Company?

    If you are located in Orange County, utility locating companies like Util-Locate provide a utility locator or underground utility locator service. Call us before you begin digging or designing. Considering the extent of the project, knowing the precise locations and depths of utility lines at the early design stages is frequently critical.

    This knowledge enables the right placement of foundations, structures, post support, trees, and other project elements. At times, utilities must be shifted. Utility locating companies can assist project planners in determining where those lines should be relocated to avoid posing a hazard to workers and machine operators.

    What Are The Advantages Of Utility Locating Services?

    By employing the services of a professional utility locating provider, you can rest assured that you will receive the most precise information possible without disrupting existing landscaping. Utility locating companies such as Util-Locate can readily locate underground wires utilizing state-of-the-art electromagnetic locators and GPR equipment. Previous technology necessitated the drilling of multiple exploratory holes to ascertain the depth of buried lines.

    Utility Locator Companies' Equipment

    Unlike basic hand-held detectors, the electromagnetic pipe and cable finder technology employed by professional utility locator businesses enables personnel to adapt to changing line and cable conditions, as well as to unforeseen soil conditions. Additionally, it gives an accuracy of up to 97% and depth measurements of up to 13+ feet. In Orange County, utility locator companies such as Util-Locate utilize state-of-the-art equipment to provide the industry's top utility locating services.

    Utility Locating Services

    • Electrical Line
    • Gas Line
    • Water Line
    • Communications/Telephone Line
    • Storm Drain
    • Utility Conduit
    • Gas Manifold
    • Rebar Location

    Other Services Available:

    The Best Utility Locate Services In California

    Contact Util-Locate if you're seeking the top utility locate services in California. Our skilled utility locate professionals utilize the most advanced technologies available in the industry.

    Contact us immediately to discuss your utility line detection requirements or obtain additional information about our Utility Locating Service.