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Orange County is the third most populous counties in California. In April 2010, it recorded 3,010,232 in its census. It is also known for many of its tallest buildings. Several of them stand tall within Orange County, and there are some that are still planned for development. Some of the tallest buildings include the Plaza Tower, Center Tower, Macarthur Skyline Tower 1, 2 and 3 and City Tower. Many more have been proposed and could be built at a future date.

There are many large businesses and corporations, including Fortune 500 companies that have been a part of Orange County. Some of those Fortune 500 companies include Ingram Micro, First American Corporation, Western Digital, Gateway, Inc. and Blizzard Entertainment.

Not only is Orange Country brimming with many successful companies, but it has a variety of arts and culture, historical landmarks and points of interest for tourists. Places like Disneyland provide fun and entertainment for the entire family, bringing people to Orange County almost year round. Other places include Knotts Berry Farm, Anaheim Convention Center, and Huntington Beach. Another hot tourist spot is Little Saigon, which is where the largest number of Vietnamese live outside of Vietnam. Other popular cultures of Orange County’s population include Taiwanese, Chinese, and Korean communities.

With all of the art and culture, business and architecture Orange County has, it makes it one of the prime spots for real estate for both people and businesses. There is a variety of apartments, condos, homes and commercial property available. Those who want to just stay or try out living in Orange County can choose from rental properties too. Know more about utility location service.

Anybody who is planning to build a home or commercial property in Orange County should seek professionals like Orange County utility locators to find out where the best prime spots are and its underground utility layouts. With so much infrastructure in Orange County, it is best to hire professionals to assist in finding where utility are located. Some of the types of utilities that need to be marked include:

  • pipes for sewer and gas: accidentally hitting any of these pipes could lead to leaks that also could interrupt water and gas service. You must be extremely careful with gas pipes. A fire could be ignited with a simple flame.
  • Orange County power lines: Fortunately, most of these are in the air, but can easily be knocked down with tall construction trucks or even bad weather conditions.

It doesn’t have to take guesswork to find out where these systems lay, though. Using special detection services can make the process easier. Once all of these services are found, it will make it simple to plan building layouts. Some of the types of detection services that are used are:

  • Utility Mapping: Uses a state of the art CAD program to find underground pipes and lines. Using electro-magnets and radar can penetrate through the ground to survey what lays underneath.

If you are getting ready to settle real estate in either the residential or commercial business, you need Orange County underground utility locating services to help you find lines and utility services. is trusted Orange County utility locating company that will offer its services to locate cable, pipe and power lines before you excavate.

We serve the following cities: AnaheimSanta AnaIrvineHuntington BeachGarden GroveOrangeFullertonCosta MesaWestminsterYorba Linda.

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