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    If you’re developing or renovating a property, it’s important that you’re aware of the location of underground and hidden utilizes. These utilities can include electrical or communications cables, gas pipes and manifolds and even pipes and plumbing.

    Knowing the location of these utilities allows you or your team to excavate the site without any fears of accidentally damaging utilities, helping you avoid major safety risks and prevent costly repairs and replacements.

    We specialize in gas manifold location and can locate underground gas utilities that are installed on your property. Located in Orange County, we offer gas manifold and utility locating services to the entire Southern California region.

    Our gas manifold location services

    Are you developing a property? Are you building a driveway, parking lot or another structure that requires you to excavate? If you need to excavate your property, you need to know the location of underground gas utilities.

    Utilities such as gas lines and manifolds are often installed underground, typically in utility conduits and tunnels. If you accidentally damage these utilities while digging, it can result in significant construction delays and major repair expenses.

    We specialize in gas manifold location and can map the areas of your property in which gas lines and utilities are installed. Our team uses a range of highly effective technologies to create a detailed map of on-site utilities.

    No matter how small or large your project might be, if you’re going to excavate, you need to know the location of gas utilities. Using modern technology, our expert team will efficiently locate gas manifolds, gas lines and more.

    Our gas manifold location equipment

    We use high quality, industry standard equipment to efficiently and accurately find gas utilities installed on your site. Our team can detect traceable and detectable gas, electrical, plumbing and telecommunications utilities to perfect accuracy.

    Our utility detection technology includes electromagnetic equipment, which allows us to detect gas manifolds and lines installed close to the surface. Most gas lines are installed at a shallow depth and are quick and simple for our team to locate.

    We also use ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology, which allows us to find the location of underground utilities to a greater depth. Our team uses the appropriate technology to create a detailed, accurate map of utilities on your site.

    Our gas manifold location areas

    Our headquarters is located in Orange County, and we’re available for any location in Southern California. No matter where you’re located, we can travel to your site to perform an in-depth, accurate utility survey.

    We serve all areas in Southern California, ranging from Orange County, Los Angeles and Ventura to Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Kern, Imperial County and San Diego.

    In business since 2001, we’re one of California’s most reputable utility detection and surveying companies. Our expert team works with leading construction, engineering and environmental companies throughout Southern California.

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    Whether you’re developing a new building or adding a driveway or parking lot to an existing property, it’s extremely important that you’re aware of the location of any underground gas manifolds and other utilities before you start excavating.

    We can detect all underground utilities, from gas lines and utility conduits to fiber-optic telecommunications cables. Contact us now to speak to a member of our team and learn more about our utility and gas manifold location services.