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    Are you renovating a property and need to know where rebar is located? Rebar is a form of reinforced steel used to improve the strength of reinforced concrete. If you are renovating a concrete structure, it’s essential that you know where rebar is.

    Whether you’re demolishing a concrete wall or drilling into concrete, being aware of the location of rebar prevents you from accidentally cutting into the reinforced steel used to improve a concrete structure’s strength and integrity.

    Finding rebar within reinforced concrete can be difficult. We offer a rebar location service that uses expert techniques and high quality equipment to efficiently locate reinforced steel within a structure.

    Why is it important to know where rebar is installed?

    Rebar, which is also called reinforcing bar and reinforced steel, is an important type of tension device used in construction. Rebar massively improves the strength and structural integrity of concrete, allowing it to be used for buildings and structures.

    Cutting into rebar can result in structural damage to a building, particularly if the damage to the rebar is significant. Because of this, it’s important that you’re aware of the exact location of rebar if you plan on drilling or cutting into concrete.

    Our rebar location services

    We offer a rebar detection service and can quickly and efficiently pinpoint the exact location of rebar in your concrete structure. Our rebar finder service makes it easy to accurately drill into reinforced concrete without any fear of causing damage.

    Our team can pinpoint the exact location of reinforcement bar in concrete slabs in building walls, parking facilities and other structures. We can mark the exact areas in which reinforcing steel is used so that you can work without any issues.

    Whether you’re installing utilities and need to drill through concrete or just have a renovation plan for a particular concrete structure, we can ensure you don’t need to deal with any structural or safety issues while drilling into concrete.

    Our rebar location equipment

    We use industry standard rebar locator equipment to efficiently scan concrete and find internal rebar. Our equipment is extremely accurate and capable of detecting reinforcement bar without any damage to the surrounding concrete.

    In addition to locating reinforcement bars in concrete, our equipment allows us to detect the exact location of rebar and its size. This allows us to determine which of any building’s concrete areas are safe for drilling, and which should be avoided.

    Our equipment uses technology such as electromagnetic pulse induction to locate rebar in concrete to an excellent level of accuracy. In addition to rebar location and size, we can detect the depth at which rebar is installed within concrete.

    Our rebar location areas

    We’re located in Fullerton, Orange County and serve customers in every Southern California county. Our team can travel to your site to perform rebar location and a wide range of other utility locating, installation, repair and drilling services.

    We work with hundreds of clients throughout Southern California. Our team can travel to your location in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Bernardino, Kern, Imperial County and San Diego.

    Open since 2001, we have more than 15 years of professional utility detection and drilling experience. Our company is trusted by a wide range of customers in all of Southern California’s counties for detection, drilling and repair projects.

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    Are you planning on drilling into concrete to install utilities? Are you renovating an existing building and need to know where rebar is installed in its concrete? We can detect rebar within your structure’s concrete using super accurate technology.

    We can efficiently locate rebar in your structure, letting you drill or build with 100% confidence. Contact us now to speak to a member of our team and learn more about our utility locating services.

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