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    Home to UCI, Concordia University, USC’s Orange County Center and numerous other campuses, one of the safest cities in the country and a center of the semiconductor industry, Irvine is one of the fastest growing cities in southern California and that means there’s a lot of construction underway year round.

    From recent additions to the University of California Irvine campus to new housing construction all over Orange County and smaller projects such as installing in-ground pools, the construction industry in Irvine and surrounding areas is seeing something of a boom.

    Whether it’s new construction or the renovation or expansion of existing structures, there are a lot of potential pitfalls when there’s excavation involved. There’s more than you think lying under your feet and that’s why it pays to hire a private utility locating service. You already know where your meters are located, but you probably aren’t nearly so sure where your water pipes, gas lines and underground electrical lines are located.

    You should never dig without talking to an underground utility locating professional first. You need to know exactly what you’re getting into before any excavation begins in order to avoid potential hazards as well as the possibility of thousands of dollars in repairs – or having to halt a costly project halfway. As soon as the plans are drawn up, call a private utility locating service in Irvine, CA. It could mean the difference between a successful project and an expensive disaster. See more utility locator services.

    Our Utility Locating & Mapping Services

    Util-Locate is a private utility locating company serving Irvine, CA. We identify and mark all lines and sub-structures. We help contractors to prevent the risk of hitting underground pipes and wires through the following solutions and services:

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