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    Pomona, a popular vacation destination for people around the world for its great tourist attractions, rich history and culture is situated on a trade route that Native Americans once used. Its first recorded inhabitants were Gabrieleno Native Americans. The valley was known as Rancho San Jose in the 1700s but became part of the Mission San Gabriel Grazing land a year later. About fifty years later, two soldiers, Don Ingacio Palomares and Don Ricardo Vejar, petitioned the governor and were granted rights to the land on April 1837.

    Pomona was known as ‘urban garden’ in the early 1800s and quickly became a citrus economic leader. The city’s role in the expanding industry influenced the citrus community to name Pomona after the ancient Roman fruit goddess, Pomona. With this, vineyards flourished in the 1880s to supply to the winemaking and raisin industries. Citrus orchards and olive groves replaced vineyards in 1890s and Pomona maintained its economic lead through its agricultural enterprises.

    It was incorporated as a city on January 6, 1888 and a charter City in 1911. Today, it is the fifth-largest city in LA County and a highly admired destination for people of all ages. The city has grown to a population of more than 163,000 residents and has many private and public schools and institutions like the California State Polytechnic University and Western University of Health Sciences.

    All these has kept Pomona underground utility locator services busy as they work with contractors to ensure utilities like electricity and phone lines laid underground do not get damaged during any extraction work. Private utility locating services thus play an important part in preventing substantial damage and even death.

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