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    If Los Angeles County were a country, it would have the world's 19th largest economy. It is home to more than 244,000 companies, including the highest concentration of minority- and women-owned companies operating in the country.

    It is the country's primary international trade and manufacturing hub. The 37 departments and $32.5 billion budget of Los Angeles County present a plethora of business prospects for the private sector, both in terms of products and services contracts. That said, if you're working on a project in Los Angeles, potholing utilities are something you will need that we can take care of.

    , Los Angeles Cost-Effective Non-Disruptive Utility Locating Service

    Seven Targeted Industries of Los Angeles County

    Priorities for economic growth are arranged around several workforce development objectives. Among these are initiatives to promote job training in the most competitive industries and create well-paying jobs that fuel economic growth and wealth generation for all citizens. The Los Angeles County Economic Development Committee's mission is to boost the County's designated high-growth industry clusters and develop workforce programs that connect skilled and unskilled employees to these targeted sectors.

    • Health care services
    • Manufacturing
    • Trade and logistics
    • Leisure and hospitality
    • Film and digital media
    • Bioscience
    • Construction

    In Los Angeles, growth is the norm, which means constantly building and construction are going on. Any constructor is aware of the consequences involved with excavation in the absence of accurate data and vacuum excavation. The following are some lines to keep an eye out for:

    • Data Cables
    • Phone
    • Gas
    • Electrical
    • Water
    • Sewer

    The Technologies

    We are adept at locating underground wires and facilities comprehensively and effectively. We rely on our knowledge and expertise to provide detailed data to assist our clients in fully grasping what is going on beneath the building site. We know where to seek information, identify existing records of underground construction, and integrate our findings into our surveys conducted.

    Our experience teaches us where and how to collect data that few others can. If required, we may prepare a detailed map for you that details the depth, structure, and distance of each obstruction you may encounter. Because we have a variety of technologies at our disposal in Los Angeles, potholing utilities have never been more successful.

    • Utility Mapping
    • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
    • Utility Line Location Services
    • Electromagnetic Probes
    • Pipe Location Services

    In this field, experience is crucial. Whether you are creating a commercial, residential, or industrial construction or remodeling an old one, you cannot afford to incur delays and increased expenses due to underground limits and other dangers.

    We employ some of the industry's most accomplished professionals and provide them with the best tools and incentives for skill growth. We're excited to show what is possible. Learn how we can help you achieve greater results at a lower cost on your next construction project.

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