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    Util-Locate provides Subsurface Utility-line Mapping services to our clients including field-mapping and providing Computer Aided Drawing in PDF format for future use.

    After we field-locate and identify the utility lines, we then field-map the locations by physically measuring off-sets from buildings and or landmarks and noting the utilities by drawing-in the locations on a site-plan.

    We can take it one-step further by providing you with a Computer Aided Drawing or AutoCAD to be implemented on an existing site-drawing for record or future use. We will also save the drawing in PDF format for easier viewing which will give you the liberty in transferring the e-file drawing via e-mail to whomever and whenever you would like. In order to provide you with a finished product, we would need from you a CAD file of the project site for this work to be done.

    We specialized in utility mapping services for architects, consulting engineers, building contractors, house builders, planners and developers that have projects for:


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