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    Underground Utility Surveys, Mapping and Detection Services

    Do you need a comprehensive utility survey of your property? If you need to dig into the ground to construct a new building or develop a parking lot, it’s important to be aware of the location of underground utility pipes and wiring.

    Entering into an excavation project without knowing the location of utility lines is a dangerous, potentially costly process. Breaking gas or electrical lines can result in a significant risk of fire or explosion, not to mention extremely costly repair bills.

    We provide utility survey services in Southern California. The Util-Locate team can pinpoint the location of underground gas, electrical, water and telecommunications utilities with great accuracy, letting you or your contractor excavate with confidence.

    Our utility survey services

    We specialize in carrying out exact, efficient utility surveys. Our team can survey a wide range of sites, from residential buildings and private homes to areas planned for commercial and industrial development.

    Using a combination of electromagnetic detection equipment, ground penetrating radar (GPR), and 3D mapping software, we can create a detailed survey of your property that shows the location of detectable utilities and underground hazards.

    This survey allows you to excavate with the confidence that you or your contractor isn’t going to damage any utilities. From major construction projects to renovations, you can proceed with peace of mind that risks and costs and minimized.

    Hundreds of companies throughout Southern California, including construction and engineering companies, rely on our expert team to provide accurate utility surveys, line detection and other essential services.

    Our utility survey equipment

    We use an extensive range of modern equipment to locate utilities that are installed below the surface of your property. These include ground penetrating radar (GPR), as well as electromagnetic detection equipment used to locate tracer wire.

    Many underground utilities, such as gas lines, are installed less than five feet below the surface of a property. Our team can quickly locate utilities which have tracer wire using electromagnetic detection equipment.

    We also use GPR technology to gain a total understanding of the utilities installed in the ground beneath your property. Our GPR technology allows us to pinpoint a wide range of utilities, including those without tracer wire or those at a significant depth.

    No matter where you need to dig – from hillside sites to flat areas – our team has the right combination of training, hands-on experience and technology to ensure you’ve got a detailed, highly accurate utility survey ready for your project.

    Our utility survey areas

    Although we’re based in Orange County, we offer utility survey services to the entire Southern California region. Our team can travel to your location to carry out a utility survey on-site using our advanced technology.

    We serve many different counties in Southern California. Some of the areas we serve on a regular basis include Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, Kern and Imperial County, as well as San Diego.

    Are you located in Southern California and need an on-site utility survey? Contact us to speak to our team and learn more about our services, pricing and availability for your location. See more private utility locator service.

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    Do you need to dig beneath your property to start a new development or renovation project? Before you dig, it’s essential that you have an accurate survey documenting the location of traceable underground utilities such as gas, electricity and drainage.

    We specialize in utility detection and can carry out an accurate, detailed survey for your property. Contact us now to speak to a member of our team and learn more about our utility survey services.

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