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    Palm Springs is a rather famous desert resort city located in the Coachella Valley region on Riverside County, California. Palm Springs is also a which many people immediately associate with Hollywood celebrities, and it is hardly surprising really considering just how many celebrities have chosen this city as their destination of choice for a second home. Some famous names include the likes of Frank Sinatra; Bob Hope and Bing Cosby, to name only a few.

    Despite facing increasing competition during the nineteen eighties, Palm Springs continues to prosper to this day, although rather than relying on big spending celebrities for revenue, the city now gets a considerable amount of its revenue from its booming tourism industry.

    Palm Springs Underground Utility Locator Services

    In a city with so many awe-inspiring homes and so much modernist architecture, it comes as no surprise that the building sector is tightly regulated. Existing homeowners as well as future home owners need to pay close attention to all relevant laws and regulations, including those governing the positioning of underground utilities.

    It is likewise crucially important to make sure you avoid damaging any existing underground utilities if you are planning some or other construction project, and the only way to do this is by working with a professional Riverside County underground utility locator service. There are of course a number of private utility locating services in the area, so your only challenge is to find one you can trust, and one which is not ridiculously overpriced.

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