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The location of Riverside County in the southern part of California has resulted in a greater influx of residents who chose to move from larger sized metro areas such as San Diego and Los Angeles to find more affordable real estate and a break from the congestion of the big city. As these new home and property owners move in to newly incorporated areas within Riverside County, they build houses or want to renovate the landscaping. In order to do this, it is important for contractors and landscapers to know the location of underground utilities. This is where Riverside utility location services can save homeowners and contractors a great deal of time and money in the location of water, power, sewer, cable and other lines that run underground in Riverside County. Learn more about pothole utility locate.

It is very important that the locating and mapping of underground lines and cables are done by Riverside utility locator professionals who are experienced. If homeowners are excavating and break lines, they can run the risk of having to pay for the cost of repairs, especially if location of the underground utilities was not done. It makes more sense to have a professionally qualified company locate and mark where the lines are located. Read more about gas line location.

There are a number of types of underground utilities that homeowners, landscapers and excavators need to be aware of before digging or excavating can begin. These can include metal, plastic and other materials that are used in the following:

  • Lines: These transport electric power to homes, offices and businesses.
  • Cable or wire: These carry telecommunication and telephone information.
  • Pipes: Used to transport water, gas and sewer waste to or from the home.

Riverside utility location service companies such as Util-Locate.com use a variety of techniques for locating and mapping these lines, cables, wires and pipes. Two of these techniques are:

Ground Penetrating Radar System– this used radar to trace the location of utilities by providing a picture of what is located underneath the ground without digging it up.

Utility Mapping– uses CAD systems to map the underground layout of pipes, wires and lines.

Riverside utility locators are a vital part of the construction and excavation process. They save a lot of money and time and Util-Locate.com is one of the best services in the Southern California area. There are a number of large and small companies that Uti-locate is helping to map underground utilities. Check out our recent utility locating projects.

Riverside county has a greater need of reputable and qualified Riverside utility locators as the population grown and the need for mapping and location of the underground lines, pipes and cables is vital. Customers and clients include major corporations and businesses as well as private homeowners.

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