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    The City of Orange has total land area of 27 square miles and is located in central Orange County.

    Its has wide range of neighborhoods including the Old Towne, the Presidential Tracts, the Eichler Tracts, El Modena, the Alphabet Streets and Mabury Ranch. Each district has unique character like the Old Towne which is popular on its old structures constructed after the city’s incorporation in 1888.

    Housing and construction in Orange has increased steadily throughout the years. Hence, the city offers diverse services for its residents including police, fire, emergency transportation, recreation facilities as well as planning and developments. In addition, the city operates sanitation and water utility. Know more about napa utility locating.

    Orange Underground Utility Locating

    No matter if you plan to buy a new or old house or plan to renovate the basement of your existing home in Orange, it’s always better to find out what the drainage system looks like before doing anything. This is because there is always a chance of one of the drains being blocked, which have to be cleared to prevent any possible problems later on.

    You however need to first locate the drain to find out how it looks. It’s not feasible, or even practical to just go on digging the ground based on assumptions or plans. You may accidently hit and damage some other pipes, telephone cables or electrical wires while doing this.

    Instead, it’s better calling in underground utility locating services in Orange, CA to assess the area and locate the drains. These professional private utility locators use various equipment to not only locate the drainage system, but also determine how deep the system is buried.

    Though you need to spend for these private utility locator services, it is well worth it. In fact, these underground utility locating service professionals help save both your money and time just by locating the drainage system for you.

    This is because once you know where the drainage system is, the chances of any possible damage to the pipes and wires during excavation is eliminated. On the contrary, if any of these utilities do get damaged, you need to spend or rather waste your money and time repairing them before you can check and clean the drainage system before shifting into your new home or starting your renovation work. Before you dig, contact Util-Locate for the following services:

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