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    Moreno Valley is a young city that has seen rapid growth in the past two decades. Home to a number of residential and commercial construction projects, Moreno Valley sees high demand for professional contracting and consultancy services. If you’re working on a project in the area, one thing that you cannot afford to ignore, is the need for private utility locating services.

    Identify Hazards with Private Utility Locating Services

    A Moreno Valley underground utility locator will help you to plan any excavation or construction project, without the risk of disturbing hazardous cables, gas, water, or sewerage lines.

    Cutting a cable, gas main, or water pipe, can be a costly mistake. Not only will this lead to construction delays, but there is a potential for financial penalties if you have begun excavation without taking due care to locate underground utilities.

    More importantly, digging around electrical and gas lines can cause shocks or explosions that may lead to injury or death. To avoid all of this, ensure that you have contacted a Moreno Valley underground utility locator before you begin excavating.

    Experts in California will use existing documentation and specialized tools to identify exactly where underground utilities are located on your property. In this way, you can take appropriate steps to plan excavations around utilities, or work with the relevant parties to reroute or bypass the utilities on your site.

    Util-Locate is a leading utility locating company serving Moreno Valley and Southern California. Call Util-Locate when you need experts who can help you to plan your project without the risk of injury, or damage to existing utilities. See more about line location services.

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