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    Regardless of your needs, having a reliable pipe locating service is critical to a successful project. Util-Locate is a leader in the pipe and cable locating industry. Our Lake Elsinore pipe locating and underground pipe detection technicians use state-of-the art technology which not only gives a horizontal plane location of pipes and cables, but also provides a comprehensive map showing both location and depth. So if your project involves pipe and cable locating, we have a complete pipe locating equipment, so contact (866) 421-5325 for complete and accurate Pipe and Cable Locating services.

    Our Lake Elsinore Pipe Locating Service

    Anyone who has needed to dig where utility lines may be located has had the experience of utility locator companies just spraying paint on the surface of the ground. After a few passes with heavy equipment or vehicles, the paint is gone. With Util-Locate Pipe and Cable Locator Services, you get more then temporary spray paint, you get our experience. Our Riverside County underground pipe detection technicians provide a physical map of the project site that can be taken to the work site or kept in office: either way, you never worry about it being worn away on the first day of the project. Hard copy Mapping is done at an additional cost upon request.

    Looking for a Lake Elsinore Pipe Line Locator? Try Util-Locate: Cable and Buried Pipe Locator!

    There is more to being a Lake Elsinore underground utility line locator than just spraying paint on the ground. Util-Locate has set the standard among pipe and cable locators. They ensure an excellent product, providing accuracy in all of its pipe line locator projects — up to 97% accuracy and depth readings of up to 13+ feet. Their electromagnetic cable locator and GPR equipment allows their technicians to adjust to pipe line and cable conditions, as well as unexpected soil conditions. And they do all of this without disturbing the landscape!