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    The city of Lake Elsinore is located in western Riverside County in California. It essentially forms the shoreline of Lake Elsinore which covers an area of roughly 3,000 acres, making it the biggest fresh water lake in California. In comparison to many other cities in the United States, Lake Elsinore is regarded as being quite small, with a 2010 census showing the city to have a population of just over 50,000 people.

    Despite its relatively small population, Lake Elsinore is a thriving city which continues to witness a lot of ongoing growth and development. As with virtually all parts of America, there are strict laws in place when it comes to construction work; planning permission, and etc. There are also laws in place which stipulate that utility services need to have their supply line running underground rather than overhead.

    Lake Elsinore Underground Utility Locator Services

    Given the size of the city, you can find several private utility locating services competing for your business, but it goes without saying that not all of these businesses offer the same level of quality. Prices can also vary dramatically from one Lake Elsinore underground utility locator service to the next.

    If you are involved in a huge construction project then a few dollars difference in hourly rates is probably not a huge concern, but if you are a home owner on a budget then every dollar counts, and you also want to know you are getting a high quality service even if the price seems a bit low.

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