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    Kern County spans across California Central Valley’s southern end. This county occupies 8,161.422 miles and had a population of 839,631 in 2010. Thus, it is rated the 11th most populous county in California. Kern County is renowned for significant production of natural gas, oil and hydro-electric power. In fact, the county is responsible for one-tenth of oil production in the entire United States. The United States largest oil fields (3 out of 5) are found in this county. Kern County is also famous for varieties of mineral deposits such as borate, kernite and gold. Subsequently, real estate in Kern is a hot cake and the county is an attractive place for both commercial and residential property developments. Kern County underground utility locator service providers make all development/excavation projects hazard-free and cost-effective.

    The Importance of Professional Kern County Underground Utility Locator Service Providers

    Often, public utility systems such as pipes, cables and lines are run underground. This may be necessitated by the nature of the utility system or simply for aesthetics or convenience. Prior to digging, the local authorities require that project owners embark on underground utility location with the help of experts. This is a safety measure that prevents major damage and helps to maintaina a safe work environment in the course of maintenance or construction.

    While you can easily find utility locators in Kern County, locating professional underground utility detectors that would use the best practice and equipment would require a more profound search. When you insist on the services of professional Kern County underground utility locator service providers, the additional benefit would include less invasive excavation and less cost. Also, keeping an eye on a non-destructive utility location method is very important when hiring underground utility detectors. This is why you should not settle for less in terms of service quality. Learn more about utility location services.

    The targeted types of underground utility include the following:

    • Pipes: this could be pipe that conveys gas or sewage. Striking a gas pipe in the course of excavation can result in deadly explosions and major damages. Sewage pipes can also result in serious environmental pollution when struck accidentally. So, before you start digging, call a professional Kern County underground utility locator service provider.
    • Cables: telecom or phone cables are usually buried underground for different purposes. Therefore, you need to detect and isolate them before digging to avoid accidental damage and possible hazards that may ensue from such damage.
    • Lines: electric or power lines must not be tampered with during property maintenance or construction. Therefore, detection and isolation of power lines prior to excavation is very needful.

    Underground Utility Location Service

    Ground Penetrating Radar System: each category of underground utility specified above is manufactured with different materials. Therefore, reliable and non destructive detection methods such as the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system are required.

    Utility Mapping: this involves the use of computer aided programs to map or model underground utilities.

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