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    Imperial County sits comfortably towards the southeast end of California in the United States. This county borders Arizona and Mexico. It is located in the Imperial Valley of California. The location of Imperial County is a desert region with minimal rainfall and high temperatures. However, this county’s economy is enriched by robust agriculture aided by irrigation from Colorado River. Imperial County’s desert nature and nearness to California and Los Angeles have made the county a famous filming location. In the same manner, real estate is something to be desired in this county. Imperial County underground utility locating service ensures safe and less expensive excavations and property development.

    The Role of an Expert in Handling Residential and Commercial Utility Detection

    Failure or negligence to contact a utility detection service prior to digging can result in a serious accident, major utility outage or gas leakage. Subsequently, a criminal charge or fine could be levied on the property owner and/or excavation company. Experts know the specific detection tools and techniques for each category of utility. Therefore, contacting professional utility locators in Imperial County would save you from needless troubles and guarantee a safe work environment.

    An Imperial County underground utility locating service for both residential and commercial property development would be necessary for the following categories of underground utility:

    • Line: during excavation, the excavating tools can accidentally come in contact with power lines buried underground. This could pose a life-threatening danger to the workmen and power transmission can be interrupted by such an incident. Professional underground utility detectors need to locate lines buried underground and isolate it with the applicable color code before the construction company starts digging.
    • Cable: just like other utilities, burying cables underground could be for aesthetic purposes. It could also aid proper functioning of the cable. Cables must be detected and properly marked to prevent accidental tampering in the course of digging.
    • Pipe: pipe conveying water, gas or sewage could be struck during excavation. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of an Imperial County underground utility locating service prior to digging. This will protect such sensitive pipes from accidental damage.

    Methods for Detecting Underground Utility

    The focus would be on two different methods:

    1. Ground Penetrating Radar System (GPR) The GPR is a geophysical technique for underground utility location and other site investigations. The major advantage of the ground penetrating radar is its user-friendliness in terms of easier measurements. More importantly, it is not an intrusive method of detecting utilities. GPR data interpretation does not usually require special data processing and can be done right in the field.

    2. Utility Mapping The utility mapping method detects under-surface features such as oil/gas pipelines, telecom wires, electricity cables, fiber-optic cables, mains water supplies and sewers.

    Contact a Professional

    Professional Imperial County underground utility locating service providers guarantee a successful and safe outcome. Util-Locate provides quality utility detection services to both commercial and residential property owners. The company would help you detect buried cable, wire, pipes or any line without any hazard.

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