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    Beautiful, Hemet, California is looking at not only business growth but housing growth. Located in the San Jacinto Valley, Hemet is growing by leaps and bounds. Since 2000 the population of Hemet has grown by 39 percent. It is predicted that, over the next decade, future job growth for Hemet will be around 32 percent. Hemet was once considered a retirement community. Now, however, the median age of its residents is 38.

    The Hemet Planning Commission shows the construction of residential housing. Increases in population and community growth will no doubt bring more business and marketing to the area. In 2015 the Hemet School District constructed numerous buildings and utilities were upgraded.

    In cases of construction and excavation, such as the ones that occurred with the Hemet School District, the need for a utility locating service, from a professional company, is an invaluable asset. Without locating underground utilities, most of their construction would never have been able to occur without serious complications.

    Hemet Underground Utility Locating

    Contacting our private utility locating service could save you time and money. Util-Locate is a private utility locating company providing range of services for damage prevention in Hemet, CA. We have been in the business to help contractors, home owners, engineers and excavators by locating underground water lines, sewage lines as well as empty conduits that they will have to work around. Call us today to know about any potential hazards before you dig.

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