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    No other city in California has more “capital of” titles than Garden Grove. Located in North Orange County, Garden Grove was the chili-pepper capital in the early 1920s, the poultry capital later, the egg capital after that, and the strawberry capital of the world before the ‘50s ended. This city of youth and ambition is also affectionately known as “Garbage Grove” apparently due to the convergence of ethnic races that comprise Garden Grove’s residents.

    That mix is reflected in the restaurants that line the busy districts. Without a doubt, this city is home to more restaurants than any neighboring cities, including Cajun, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Vietnamese and many more. The explosion in growth and development resulted in the construction of state-of-the-art structures to serve both the locals and tourists. Garden Grove is indeed an ideal place to establish your home or do business in.

    Entrust Your Garden Grove Property to a Professional Underground Utility Locator

    While you’re at it, it will be to your advantage to find a trustworthy private utility locating service to mark, locate, and manage underground primary network points running across the city and ensure your property and all planned activities don’t affect each other. Hiring an underground utility locator will do just that as it saves you the headache of lost investment, time, injuries and insurance claims. In Garden Grove, there is only one company to call – Util-Locate. Take advantage of the most technologically advanced and cost efficient private utility locating service than any other in Southern California. Trust our professional underground utility locator to deliver the most accurate and fastest data to promote safety for you and your property. We cater the following services:

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