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    The present day Fullerton used to be home to the Gabrielinos or local Tongva people. The former term was coined by the Spanish when the Mission San Gabriel was established in 1771. From being a center for agriculture, manufacturing, petroleum extraction and transportation, Fullerton has become a thriving city and home to nearly 140,000 residents in Orange County, California.

    If you’re looking for a really great place to build a home, Fullerton has all the perfect ingredients. The rustic, old town atmosphere is complemented by historic buildings, shady trees, decorative walkways and trendy shops. The ample open spaces can support whatever structure you plan to build. Really, Fullerton is a charming and friendly place to settle down and have a relaxing time.

    Call an Underground Utility Locator before Constructing your
    Fullerton Home

    When constructing anything, it’s easy to deal with ground-based structures, but not with sub-surface utilities and infrastructures, such as pipes, electrical currents and live communication wires. This is precisely the reason why it’s important to get a private utility locator to pinpoint these utilities before beginning any excavation. Not only it is the law, but using underground utility locating services is the best way to prevent causing damage to property, environment and people. Read more cable location services.

    You can’t be wrong with a company that is proud of its commitment to safeguard properties, owners and construction personnel by providing the most comprehensive utilities survey. Call Util-Locate. It is a company that employs only the latest electromagnetic induction technology in its underground utility locating services in Fullerton, CA. Trust our private utility locator to conduct work in its most efficient manner. Aside from safety and accuracy, we also give you peace of mind.

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