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    Ground Penetrating Radar, also known as GPR, is a method for imaging concrete that is both non-destructive and non-intrusive. It is capable of producing quality results that are significantly higher than those provided by the majority of other methods. At depths of up to 18 inches, metallic and non-metallic objects as well as characteristics can be located by using antennas that operate at high frequencies. Access to only one side is necessary in the majority of situations.

    GPR Concrete Imaging can either be used to provide instantaneous results on-site or the data can be saved electronically and analyzed off-site to provide more detailed results such as high-resolution rebar mapping. Both of these options are available to the user. Prior to coring, drilling, or cutting, indications can be mapped out on the ground surface of concrete or masonry to help prevent expensive structural damages. Radiography can be replaced with this method which is significantly safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

    GPR Concrete Imaging can be used to:
    , Fontana Surface and Concrete Scanning Solutions for  the Construction Industry

    • Detect metallic and non-metallic objects and features
    • Map rebar distribution
    • Locate rebar and tendons before you cut, core or drill
    • Detect voids
    • Identify changes in construction
    • Determine slab thickness
    • Detect Utilities
    • Detect post tension cables
    • Detect Electrical conduit
    • PVC pipes

    The results from our GPR Concrete survey can be used to confirm as-built drawings, determine reinforcement detail when drawings are available and to carry out structural assessments.

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