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    Do you need to drill through concrete to install utilities or complete your building project? We offer utility detection services for companies and individuals that are planning to drill into concrete.

    Our team can locate utilities installed beneath the ground on your property, from gas mains and electrical cabling to telecommunications wiring, storm drains and more. Our services are ideal for minimizing risk when concrete coring.

    Using the latest industry standard utility detection equipment, we can map out the location of utilities installed under concrete or below the surface, ensuring you can perform concrete coring with a minimal risk of damaging utilities.

    Our concrete coring utility detection services

    When you need to cut into concrete, it’s essential that you’re aware of the location of any utilities installed nearby your work area. Drilling into a utility can lead to a risk of fire, electrocution or other serious damage and injury.

    Performing concrete coring in an area with underground utilities can also lead to a possibility of damaging an unknown utility, resulting in significant delays and costs as it’s repaired or replaced.

    We can perform utility detection services to locate detectable utilities installed on your site. Our team can detect utilities installed to a significant depth, allowing you to perform concrete coring with a minimal risk of damage to utilities.

    Our team can also locate rebar installed within concrete, preventing damage to your project’s structure or equipment. We offer a full range of utility detection services for clients based in Southern California.

    Our concrete coring utility detection equipment

    We use high quality, industry standard utility detection equipment to locate utilities on your site to a high degree of accuracy. Our technology can find traceable utilities to a significant depth, including telecommunications lines such as fiber-optic cable.

    Util-Locate team uses ground penetrating radar (GPR) to detect and map the locations of utilities installed beneath the surface of your site. We can also use electromagnetic utility detection equipment to find traceable utilities installed close to the surface.

    From gas mains to storm drainage, our equipment allows us to map the location of utilities on your site before you start the concrete coring process, reducing the risk of injury or fire in drilling and lowering the rate of utility damage.

    Our concrete coring utility detection areas

    Our company headquarters is located in Orange County, but we serve customers in all of Southern California. No matter where you are in the region, we can reach your work site to provide high quality concrete coring services.

    The areas of Southern California we serve include Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Ventura, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Kern, Imperial County and areas like San Diego and its surroundings.

    We’ve been open since 2001 and have a long history of providing excellent service to satisfied customers. If you’re based in Southern California and need a qualified, experienced concrete coring company, we’re a fantastic choice.

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    Are you searching for a utility detection company in Southern California to assist with your concrete coring project? We can travel to your location and provide high quality utility and rebar detection services.

    Contact us now to speak to a member of our team and learn more about the services we can offer for your project.

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