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    Fontana’s history can be traced back to 1813. It was at this time that Don Antonio Maria Lugo obtained a land grant to become the first landowner on record of the region. While his sons secured the land, it was sold to a group of Mormon settlers in 1851.

    When the Mormon settlers finally reached to Fontana, it was taken over by the Semi-Tropical Land & Water Company. The early 1900s led to the city’s full-fledged development of the area with Fontana Development Company taking control of the piece of land.

    The company started the Rosena community, which was changed to Fontana in 1913. The Town of Fontana was founded in 1913 by A B Miller, who had built an agricultural area for growing products like poultry, citrus, grapes, swine and grain.

    Fontana faced a transition from an agricultural community to an industrial hub in 1942 when it was chosen for a steel mill site. In 1952, the city of Fontana came to be Southern California’s leading producer of steel and steel products.

    Though the steel industry dominated Fontana’s economy since its inception, Kaiser Steel slowed down and eventually closed down in 1984. California Steel Company then acquired the mill’s rights and started producing steel products until today.

    In addition to the steel industry, many other industries contributed to Fontana’s transition to an industrial city. The city’s convenient geographical location and superb transportation network attracted many big names in the auto industry here. Fontana is home to many industries and offers a labor pool for factories.

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