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    Yorba Linda was a small agricultural town in Orange County, California. Its transformation began in 1960’s, experiencing tremendous population growth which culminated the incorporation in 1967.

    Yorba Linda was featured and recognized several times as one of the best and richest cities in the United States. In fact, there are more than 1,000 companies in the city with Savi Ranch as the primary commercial shopping center. With dynamic and growing market, the city is a business-friendly environment and a very attractive place for many investors and entrepreneurs.

    Yorba Linda Construction and Underground Utilities

    Because of its fast growing population, the City Council is very strict in the implementation of ordinances, codes and regulations. Building permit is required for all commercial and residential construction, installation and remodeling projects.

    Whether you are adding a utility shed or building a brand new home in Yorba Linda California, there are many things you need to know and understand. You, of course, will be required to get the proper building permits and for new construction you will want to have a soil survey done to ensure the lot is buildable (unfortunately some are not). Amongst all the paperwork and professionals you must deal with, one thing very often gets overlooked, and that is underground utility locating services.

    Underground Utilities

    All over the country, there are buried utilities such as gas, water and phone lines, but in some areas, all the available utilities are underground. This is often done for aesthetic purposes but also to protect transmission lines in areas that are prone to bad weather (tornadoes, ice storms ECT…). Whatever the reason, this means all construction projects must be carefully planned, which is where a professional private utility locator service comes into play.

    Underground Utility Locating Service

    An underground utility locating service is key to safe digging on any construction project. They are well trained in current utility placements and have the equipment and experience to map and mark all underground utilities, even those outside of the one call area. See more underground utility locating companies.


    Remember, whether you are building small or large, there will be some excavation and the last thing you want to do is rip out the water or gas lines for the neighborhood. Not only will your neighbors be upset, it is very dangerous. Using a private utility locator service will ensure the safety of your project for you and the surrounding area. Contact Util-Locate for these services:

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