Professional Water Pipe Locators for Determining Precise Water Pipe Location


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Whether you are digging to find them or to avoid cutting them, knowing where your water lines are located in the ground or under concrete slabs is important. Having knowledgeable water pipe locators at your service is essential to having a successful project. We have the equipment and the expertise to provide accurate and complete water pipe location services. With an accuracy rate of nearly 97% and the capability to scan down to 13+ feet in the ground, you will appreciate the service provided by Util-Locate, the leader among water pipe locators serving your area.

The Importance of Water Pipe Locating

Each year home owners and construction crews spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary repair expenses on damaged underground water pipes. All of that expense could have been avoided by hiring a company that provided water pipe locating services. Although you can contact the local utility company to come out and mark the location, they will only mark out the public (their) line that enters the meter. By hiring a water pipe locating company such as Util-Locate, you get the service when you need it. We will locate the private lines that exit out of the meter into private property to feed buildings, etc., which the utility companies (dig alert) don’t locate. Util-locate provides private utility line locating and mapping services for pre-excavation and design specifications. Know more about underground locating service.

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