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    Do you need to learn the location of underground utilities on your site? If you are in the process of developing a site, it’s absolutely essential that you know where utility lines such as electrical wiring, gas lines and plumbing are installed.

    If you start excavating without knowing the location of underground utilities, there is a serious risk that you could damage of break an essential utility. This can result in significant repair or replacement costs, as well as delaying your project.

    We specialize in locating underground utilities and offer a reliable, efficient tracer wire location service. Read on to learn more about how we can help locate utilities installed on your property using tracer wire detection, GPR and other technology.

    Our tracer wire location services

    Are you preparing to excavate a site? Whether you’re building a new driveway or parking lot or developing a completely new building, it’s important that you know the location of underground utilities on your property.

    Gas lines, electrical lines, plumbing and even telecommunications lines such as fiber optic cabling are all installed beneath your property. We can quickly locate all of the detectable underground utilities on your site using our tracer wire location service.

    Our team will scan your property using electromagnetic utility detection equipment to quickly locate and mark underground tracer wire. We also use advanced, modern equipment to survey your site for gas lines and other utilities without tracer wire.

    With our service, you’ll receive peace of mind that you can start excavating on your site without any risk of utility damage. We work efficiently to offer accurate, reliable utility mapping on any site, from residential property to industrial sites. See more about underground locating.

    Our tracer wire location equipment

    We use a variety of highly effective methods to detect underground tracer wire. Our team can quickly locate the vast majority of utilities using electromagnetic detection equipment, allowing us to quickly pinpoint the location of installed tracer wire.

    Unfortunately, some utilities aren’t installed with tracer wire, making them difficult to find using standard methods. We also use ground penetrating radar (GPR), which allows us to quickly locate utilities installed underground to a depth of 13+ feet.

    The vast majority of utilities are installed at less than 10 feet of depth. Our team will quickly, efficiently and accurately map the utilities on your site so that you’re aware of their location during excavation and construction.

    Our tracer wire location areas

    We’re based in Orange County and serve all of Southern California. Our expert team can travel to your site to perform tracer wire detection, whether you’re located here in Orange County or further afield in Southern California.

    The areas we serve include Orange County and Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, Kern and Imperial County. We also offer utility detection services for customers based in San Diego.

    Do you need a reliable tracer wire location provider? We have been open since 2001 and regularly work with a wide range of construction and engineering companies in Southern California.

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    Before you start excavating, it’s absolutely essential that you’re aware of where your site’s underground utilities are located. Failing to locate utilities before you dig gives you a significant risk of damaging a utility, resulting in expensive repair bills.

    We specialize in tracer wire location and can quickly find electrical wiring, gas lines, plumbing and other utilities under the surface of your property. Contact us now to speak to a member of our team and learn more about our services.

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