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    The city of Upland in San Bernardino County, California used to be the municipality called “North Ontario.” This city is located on the northern edge of the San Bernardino Valley, specifically at the base of San Gabriel Mountains’ loftiest part at an elevation of 379 meters (1,242 feet). The Upland terrain is considerably flat, but there are slopes going to the north. A 2013 census estimates its population to be about 75,413.

    Upland is part of the Inland Empire, which is constituted by the urbanized suburbs of the Los Angeles region. Like the rest of the region, the large-scale housing and infrastructure development, which was interrupted by the economic slump, is now bouncing back to life. This is a signal that massive construction and development are back where they left off.

    If you are among those residents planning to do major renovations on your home or building a commercial structure, it will be prudent to consult an Upland underground utility locator beforehand. With the surge in the construction in Upland, there is always that chance of hitting an underground utility, such as a gas main. To be certain no unwarranted repercussion would happen, take the safe route by bringing in an Upland underground utility locator from one of the local private utility locating services. Don’t take chances with your investments. Consult with Util-Locate, a respected Upland underground utility locator that you can trust to do what it takes to ensure that no untoward incidents will happen because of an underground problem.

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