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    San Marcos, California was founded by the Spanish in the later part of the 1790s. Since that time, the town has grown in both scope and the needs of the populace. Cattle raising and winery production followed for the next century, which in turn gave way to industry in the last few decades. As the development of the city grew and technology developed, the need for utilities grew along with it. The establishment of modern industry and universities when combined with the climate have led to the influx of citizens who have built homes in the surrounding area.

    As contractors build new homes and businesses in the area, the importance of finding skilled San Marcos underground utility locating becomes more important. A skilled private utility locator can find buried utility lines and trace them to make certain the footings for foundations of buildings or upgrades to existing lines are done in a safe, professional manner. City managers and building codes often can require that economical as well as ecological considerations be followed when building homes, business or repairing roadways. This is where the professionals come in to locate the buried lines and mark them so no interruption of service occurs from a gas or water main being broken by heavy equipment. Be safe, use a private utility locating first, then dig the necessary holes for your current project! Read more about sewer pipe locator.

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