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    Perris Valley was first known as San Jacinto Plains and was originally inhabited by Indians. Things changed when Spanish and Mexican miners found gold deposits in the surrounding hills and that’s they when learned more about what Perris valley had to offer.

    Perris was officially incorporated as a city in 1911 and was named in honor of Fred.T.Perris, the chief engineer of California Southern Railroad. He was in charge of surveying and constructing the rail route through the valley.

    Though the completion of the railroad played an integral part in leading settlers to the valley, it was after the construction of Lake Perris in the 60s and 70s that Perris grew attractive as a recreational area.

    Consequently, Perris hot air ballooning, skydiving activities and Orange Empire Railway Museum led to a dramatic change in the construction scene in Perris and the city witnessed an increased demand for vacation homes.

    Vacation homes have to be built with lots of forethought and planning, which is where underground utility locators come into use. These private utility locating service providers work with construction companies to locate all the utilities like electric wires, telephone lines and drainage systems laid underground before doing any mapping or excavating. Not only building vacation homes, even remodeling and redesigning of homes like adding a new swimming pool or a driveway to the house has to be done with the help of underground utility locators.

    Though you have to pay for private utility locating services in Perris, the expense is well worth it. By locating the utilities, you avoid spending money on repairs and even injuries incurred through the accidental damage of any structure or utility.

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